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Punish Me Daddy

Age Range

How Many Players


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1+ Hours

Punish Me, Daddy is a card game where players draw and execute a combination of Dare and Twist cards.

Ways to Play

Extreme Edition Expansion Pack: This version of the game is designed to be more intense and extreme compared to the original. It includes new combinations that are focused on being more daring and challenging.

Get You Drunk Expansion Pack: This expansion turns the game into a drinking game. It includes 100 new Punishment cards that can involve taking 1, 2, or 3 shots, depending on the card drawn. This pack can be mixed into the base game's Punishment pile or used as a separate pile for failed punishments.

Literally Blank Cards Expansion Pack: This pack allows players to add their own creativity to the game. It consists of blank cards where players can write their own Dares, Twists, or Punishments, offering a personalized and potentially more humorous experience.

Custom Rules Variant: Players are encouraged to create their own rules or modify existing ones to suit their group’s preferences. This can involve setting limits on certain types of dares or punishments, introducing penalties, or even incorporating elements from other games.

Drinking Game Variant: Even without the expansion pack, players can turn Punish Me, Daddy into a drinking game by assigning drinks as penalties for failing dares or punishments.

Team Play Variant: Players can form teams and work together to complete dares and twists. This can create a cooperative aspect to the game and can be especially fun in larger groups.

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