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Age Range

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1-8 Hours

The objective of the game RISK is to conquer the world by taking over territories and eliminating other players' armies. The game is played on a board that is divided into different territories, and each player is given a set number of armies to start with. Players take turns placing their armies on the board and then attacking other players' territories. The game continues until one player has conquered all the territories on the board.

Ways to Play

Capital Risk: Instead of controlling the entire world, players start with a single capital territory. The goal is to capture all the other players' capitals while defending your own.

Mission Risk: Each player is given a secret mission to complete in addition to conquering the world. The mission could be something like holding a specific territory for a set number of turns or eliminating a specific player.

Zombie Risk: In this version, players must not only defend against each other but also against a growing army of zombies that can infect their armies.

Historic Risk: Play the classic game with a historical twist. Use real-world events to guide the starting territories and alliances of players, such as the countries involved in World War II.

Fantasy Risk: Create a fictional world with its own map and lore. Players can choose to be different fantasy races and have unique abilities that can affect their gameplay.

Star Wars Risk: Set the game in the Star Wars universe, with players controlling different factions like the Empire, Rebels, or Mandalorians. Each faction can have unique units and abilities based on their canon counterparts.

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