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Types of Murder Mystery Games


In an Interactive Murder Mystery Game,

all your guests are suspects in the investigation!

You and your fellow players will step into a world of intrigue, where everyone is a potential culprit. Throughout the game, you'll mingle with other guests, ask questions, and gather clues. Your goal is to use your detective skills to figure out who the murderer is among your fellow players. 

Interactive Game
Dinner table

Table Top

Our unique Tabletop Murder Mystery Game is perfect for smaller, more intimate groups of 6-8 players. 

All guests can sit around a table or campfire or anywhere you like, and take turns asking rounds of questions, to figure out who the murderer is.

No need to mingle or memorize!
This is the perfect game for a small dinner party or gathering with friends.


Add on suspect sheets are the perfect solution to when you are hosting a larger gathering.  We offer add-on's for any of our murder mystery games from an additional 12 suspects up to 100 for very large events.

Who did it?

Alternative Ending

We hear from patrons all the time and we get great feedback about their parties being a total hit and guests begging for a repeat event.  So we decided to offer alternative endings for any of our games.

So now, you can play the same game again, but with a completely different murder announcement and murder reveal.  It's a great way to keep the fun going.

Custom Game

If you are in the market for a completely custom Murder Mystery Game for your next party, get together or even a larger corporate event or maybe you want to host a local event with hundreds of guests.   

We can customize any of our existing games or come up with a completely new one, of your choosing! 
From game theme, to personalized suspect names, to who did it!  You name it, we can customize it! 

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