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Age of Empires

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20+ Hours

Age of Empires is a real-time strategy video game series that was first released in 1997. In the game, players take on the role of the leader of a civilization, guiding them through different historical periods as they gather resources, build structures, train armies, and engage in warfare against other civilizations. The game series has been popular for its historical accuracy and the ability to create and customize one's own civilizations.

Ways to Play

Multiplayer Madness: Invite your friends over and battle it out in a multiplayer tournament. Use the in-game matchmaking system to create fair matchups, or create custom games with specific rules and settings.

Co-op Campaigns: Team up with a friend and work together to complete one of the many campaign modes available in the game. Share resources and strategies to overcome tough challenges and emerge victorious.

Historical Reenactments: Recreate famous battles from history using the game's extensive editor tools. Design maps, set up armies, and play through the action yourself to see if you can change the outcome of history.

Role-playing Adventures: Create custom scenarios and role-play as characters within the game. Set goals and objectives for each player to accomplish, and see who can complete their tasks first.

Speed Runs: Try to beat the game as fast as possible. Set a timer and race against the clock to see who can complete the game the fastest.

Modded Mayhem: Explore the many mods available for Age of Empires, which can add new units, civilizations, maps, and game modes to the base game. Experiment with different mods to find the ones you like best, and then play them with friends.

Tips, Ideas & More

Party Planning Tips

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