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When it comes to hosting game nights, sending out invitations is a crucial part of the planning process. Not only do invitations inform your guests of the event details, but they can also set the tone and theme of the party.

Invitations Should Include...

Ideas & Tips


Origami & Chatterbox Invitations

Create origami or chatterbox invitations that fold into a shape related to the theme of the party, such as a game piece or a die.  These are great for teen parties or you could give out clues to a Murder Mystery Night!

Crossword Invitation

Crossword Puzzle Invitation

Create a crossword puzzle that contains party-related words and phrases. The answers to the crossword puzzle will spell out the party details.

These can be easily customized to your party theme!

Bucket Invitation

Bucket Invitation

Bucket invitations can be completely personalized to each guest or to the theme of your party.  Fill the buckets with items such as dice, game pieces, playing cards, and snacks and attach the party details.  


Custom Invitations

Creating a custom party invitation is a great way to add a personal touch to your event planning, set the tone and theme of your party, provide important details in a fun way, and showcase your creativity.


Service Name

Create digital invitations and send invitations via email or social media.  This is great for last minute game nights or a virtual game night party.

You can even set up a QR code for your guests!


Themed Invitation

Want your guests to say, "I can't miss this party, it sounds fabulous!"? One way to achieve this is by creating a invitation that sets the tone for the event & gets your guests excited to show up and have some fun!

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