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Among Us

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15mins - 30mins

Among Us is a multiplayer video game where players take on the roles of crewmates on a spaceship, while some players are randomly chosen as "impostors." The goal of the crewmates is to complete tasks on the spaceship and identify the impostors, while the goal of the impostors is to sabotage the tasks and kill the crewmates without getting caught.

Ways to Play

Hardcore mode: Play with no discussion time during meetings. Players must cast their votes immediately, which makes it harder to determine who the imposter is.

Roleplaying mode: Give each player a character to roleplay, such as a detective, a psychic, or a sheriff. Each character has special abilities that can help determine who the imposter is.

Sabotage-only mode: Play a game where only the imposter can sabotage, but they can't kill. The crewmates must try to fix the sabotages before time runs out, while the imposter tries to cause chaos.

Reverse roles mode: In this mode, all players are imposters, and they must try to kill each other while pretending to do tasks. The last imposter standing wins.

One imposter vs. everyone mode: In this mode, only one person is the imposter, and everyone else is a crewmate. The imposter must try to kill all the crewmates without getting caught.

Hide and seek mode: The imposter announces who they are at the beginning of the game, and then counts to a certain number before starting to hunt down the crewmates. The crewmates must try to complete their tasks while avoiding the imposter.

Tips, Ideas & More

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