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Axis and Allies

Age Range

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1-3 Hours

Axis and Allies is a popular strategy board game that simulates World War II. It is a turn-based game where players take on the roles of the major powers of the time, including the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and the Soviet Union. The game is won by capturing enemy territories and achieving strategic objectives, such as controlling key resources or eliminating enemy forces.

Ways to Play

Axis and Allies Europe: This variant focuses on the battles between Germany and the Soviet Union, while the other powers play a more minor role. This version can be played on its own or combined with the original game for a larger-scale experience.

Axis and Allies Pacific: This variant focuses on the battles between Japan and the United States in the Pacific theater. Similar to Europe, it can be played on its own or combined with the original game.

Axis and Allies 1942: This version of the game is a re-release of the original 1984 game with updated rules and game pieces. It is designed to be more streamlined and beginner-friendly.

Global 1940: This variant combines both the Europe and Pacific versions of the game, allowing players to command all of the major powers in a global conflict. It is a longer and more complex game than the others, but offers a more comprehensive experience.

Duel: This variant is a two-player game that focuses on the conflict between the United States and Japan in the Pacific theater. It is a faster-paced and more strategic game than the others, as players must use their resources and units more carefully.

Zombies: This variant adds a supernatural twist to the game, with the introduction of zombie units that can infect and spread throughout the game board. Players must work together to fight off the undead hordes while still trying to achieve their victory objectives.

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