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Books and Booze

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1-4 Hours

A books and wine night is a gathering of friends or a book club where participants bring their favorite books and enjoy wine while discussing the books. It's a fun way to combine two enjoyable activities – reading and drinking wine – while socializing with friends or book club members.

Ways to Play

Themed book and wine night: Select a book that is set in a specific country or region and choose a wine from the same place to create an immersive experience.

Blind wine tasting: Have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite wine, wrap it up in paper bags, and then try to guess the type of wine or even the brand.

Book swap and wine tasting: Everyone brings a book they've enjoyed and would like to pass on to someone else, and then everyone brings a bottle of wine to share while discussing the books.

Wine and cheese pairing: Select a variety of cheeses and wines, and then experiment with different pairings to find the perfect match.

Virtual book club: Host a virtual book club where everyone can enjoy their own glass of wine and discuss the book online.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Book): Everyone brings a book they're currently reading or would like to recommend, and then shares their thoughts while sipping on wine.

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