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1-3 Hours

Charades is a classic party game that involves guessing words or phrases based on non-verbal clues. In this game, players act out a word or phrase without speaking, while their teammates try to guess what they are trying to convey. It's a fun and lively game that encourages creativity and teamwork, and can be played with players of all ages.

Ways to Play

Reverse Charades: Instead of one person acting out the clue, the entire team acts it out while one person tries to guess. This can be a fun twist on traditional charades and encourages teamwork and collaboration.

Sing-a-Charades: Instead of acting out clues silently, players have to sing the clues to a well-known tune. This can be a hilarious and entertaining variant for music lovers.

Animal Charades: In this variant, all the clues are based on animals, such as "elephant" or "giraffe". Players can act out the animals using gestures, sounds or a combination of both.

TV Show Charades: This variant focuses on popular TV shows. Players can act out scenes or characters from their favorite shows, and others can guess the name of the show

Movie Quote Charades: In this variant, players act out famous quotes from movies, and others try to guess the name of the movie. This variant is perfect for movie buffs.

Object Charades: Instead of acting out phrases or words, players can act out objects, such as a pencil or a book. This variant can be a fun way to incorporate physical items and props into the game.

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