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Flip Cup

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1+ Hours

Flip cup is a popular drinking game in which two teams of players compete against each other to finish drinking their cups and flipping them over before the other team. The game requires a long table, plastic cups, and alcohol.

Ways to Play

Blindfolded Flip Cup - Blindfold all the players, and then they have to flip their cup without seeing it. It will make the game more challenging and hilarious.

Relay Race Flip Cup - Divide your group into two teams and line them up on opposite sides of the table. The first player on each team has to flip their cup before they can pass it to the next person in line. The first team to complete the relay race wins.

Ghost Cup - The first player in line must flip their cup, and then the second player has to do the same. However, before the second player can start flipping their cup, they must first flip the first player's cup, and so on. The game continues until all the cups are flipped.

Partner Flip Cup - Team up with a partner and stand across from each other at the table. Each team has two cups that they must flip. One partner must flip their cup first, and the other partner must flip their cup once the first cup is successfully flipped.

Shot Glass Flip Cup - Instead of using a standard-sized cup, use shot glasses for this version of Flip Cup. It will make the game more challenging and fun.

One-Handed Flip Cup - In this variant, players are only allowed to use one hand to flip their cup. It makes the game more challenging, and players will have to develop new flipping techniques to win.

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