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1-4 Hours

A game venue is a specialized location designed for playing These venues often have a large selection of games available for play, as well as food and drink options. Game venues can range from small, independently owned stores to large chains with locations in multiple cities.

Ways to Play

Board Game Café: Consider hosting at a local board game café. These cafes have a variety of board games available to play, and some even serve food and drinks.

Arcade Night: Rent out an arcade or video game venue for the night and challenge your friends to a variety of arcade games, pinball, and classic video games.

Video Game Night: If you have access to a video game room or gaming center, host a video game night with popular multiplayer games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, or Fortnite. You can even set up a tournament for guests to compete in.

Virtual reality gaming: Find a venue that offers virtual reality gaming experiences, such as VR arcades or gaming lounges. Try out different games and immerse yourselves in a new world.

Laser tag tournament: Reserve the laser tag arena at APEX and organize a tournament-style game. Divide your group into teams and compete for the highest score. Award prizes for the winning team.

Board Game Cafe Crawl: If you live in an area with multiple board game cafes, plan a board game cafe crawl where you and your guests visit several different cafes throughout the night to play a variety of games and enjoy different food and drink options.

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