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Generations Game

Age Range

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30mins - 90mins

Players compete against each other in challenges that test their knowledge and understanding of different generations. The game could be played by families, friends, or colleagues, and could include various categories that cover different aspects of popular culture, history, and daily life.

Ways to Play

Reverse Generations: Instead of having each team consist of different generations, each team is made up of members from the same generation (e.g., all grandparents, all parents, or all children). This version of the game could focus on specific time periods or decades, and challenges could be tailored to that generation's experiences and memories.

Name That Tune: All of the challenges revolve around music. Each team takes turns playing a short clip of a song from a particular decade, and the other team has to guess the artist and song title.

Charades Game: This version of the game involves acting out scenes or miming activities from different time periods. One team member chooses a card with an activity or scene, and then has to act it out without speaking. The other members of the team have to guess what the activity or scene is, and from what time period it comes from.

Trivia Generations: This variant focuses solely on trivia questions from different time periods.
Teams take turns answering questions from a variety of categories, such as pop culture, history, and science.

Physical Challenge: In this variant, challenges are more physical and involve activities such as relay races, obstacle courses, or physical puzzles. Each team takes turns completing a different physical challenge from a particular time period, with points awarded for speed and accuracy.

Play with more than 2 teams, where each team is sorted into their generations and compete for points that allow them to continue to the next round. One team will be victorious!

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