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2-3 Hours

Gloomhaven is a cooperative board game that combines elements of dungeon-crawling, tactical combat, and character development. It was designed by Isaac Childres and first published in 2017. In Gloomhaven, players take on the role of adventurers who explore a dark and mysterious world filled with dangers and treasures. The game is known for its deep strategic gameplay and rich storytelling elements.

Ways to Play

Solo campaign: Play the game alone, controlling multiple characters and experiencing the full story on your own.

Cooperative campaign: Play with a group of friends, each controlling one character and working together to complete quests and progress through the game.

Random dungeon: Create a one-off dungeon by selecting a random scenario from the game and assembling a deck of monsters to fight against.

Competitive mode: Split into two teams and compete against each other to complete objectives and win the game.

Ironman mode: Play the game with the added challenge of permadeath. If a character dies, they are out of the game for good.

Community-driven campaign: Create a campaign with your own custom rules and quests, allowing players to create and contribute their own content to the game.

Tips, Ideas & More

Party Planning Tips

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