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Movie Night

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2-4 Hours

A movie night lets people gather to watch movies together, usually in a group setting. This can be done at a theater, in someone's home, or even in an outdoor setting. The movies can be chosen beforehand or picked on the spot, and snacks and drinks are usually provided to enhance the viewing experience. It's a great way to bond with friends and family, and to enjoy some good movies together.

Ways to Play

Genre Night: Choose a specific movie genre like horror, comedy, action, or romance, and select movies that fall under that category for the movie night.

Director's Night: Pick a popular director or filmmaker and screen some of their most iconic films. This is a great way to appreciate a particular director's style and vision.

Actor's Night: Similar to Director's Night, select movies featuring a particular actor or actress. This is a fun way to celebrate the work of a beloved performer.

Double Feature Night: Screen two movies back-to-back that are related in some way. This could be two movies from the same franchise, two movies with the same theme, or two movies by the same director.

DIY Outdoor Movie Night: Take the movie night outside and create your own DIY movie screening with a projector, screen, and comfortable seating. This is a great option for warmer weather or for a fun summer activity.

Movie Trivia Night: Instead of watching a movie, make the night about testing your knowledge of movies with a movie trivia game. You can create your own trivia questions or use a pre-made trivia game.

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