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NewlyBed Games

Age Range

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2+ Hours

The NewlyBed game features couples, throuples & more, who compete to see how well they know each other. The host asks a series of questions to the partners separately, and they must guess what their partners answer would be. The questions range from silly and humorous to serious, dirty and personal.

Ways to Play

Best Friends Edition: Instead of newlyweds, pair up best friends and see how much they know about each other.

You can include more than 4 "couples". I've played this game with 26 people and it was a blast!

Create Team names with one of those Tri-Folded Project boards from the Dollar store.

Use clipboards with large markers to let the partner write down their answers easily

Have a fantastic prize for the winner and get every competitive. This game is a ton of laughs!

Take Breaks! This game can be time consuming if playing with a lot of people. Breaks help regroup and refocus everyone.

Tips, Ideas & More

Party Planning Tips

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