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PJ's Pub Crawl

Age Range

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2+ Hours

A PJ's Pub Crawl is a fun way for a group of girlfriends to enjoy a night out on the town in their pajamas. Everyone wears their most comfortable and stylish PJs, and the group visits various bars and pubs throughout the evening, enjoying drinks, music, and each other's company.

Ways to Play

Pillow Fight: For this theme, participants wear pajamas and carry pillows with them. Along the way, they can engage in impromptu pillow fights with other pub crawlers.

Onesie Party: Everyone wears their favorite onesie pajamas, and the crawl includes stops at bars that have a "cozy" atmosphere.

Breakfast for Dinner: This involves hitting up bars and restaurants that serve breakfast food all day. Participants wear comfy pajamas and indulge in breakfast favorites like pancakes and waffles..

Superhero Sleepover: Participants wear their favorite superhero-themed pajamas and crawl through bars with a superhero or comic book theme.

Old Lady Night: Everyone dresses up in their schmancy, fancy old lady outfits, wigs, glasses, canes and more and hits the night out on the town.

Non-alcoholic PJ's pub crawl: Organize a pub crawl where participants only consume non-alcoholic drinks. Instead of visiting bars, you could visit cafes or juice bars that offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.

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