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Strip Poker

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Strip poker is a card game played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The game involves players betting chips or money on each hand, and the loser of the hand must remove an item of clothing. The game continues until only one player is left wearing clothes.

Ways to Play

Clothing items can have different point values: In this version, each article of clothing is assigned a different point value, depending on how intimate it is. For example, socks could be worth one point, while a bra is worth five points. Players must keep track of their points and can only remove clothing items once they've accumulated enough points.

Strip poker with dares: Each time a player loses a hand, they must choose between taking off an item of clothing or completing a dare. The dares can be as tame or as wild as the players agree upon.

Strip poker with wildcards: In this version, certain cards are designated as wildcards. If a player draws a wildcard, they must remove an article of clothing of their choice.

Strip poker with extra betting options: In addition to betting with chips, players can also bet with clothing items. For example, a player could bet their shirt, and if they lose, they must remove it.

Strip poker with blindfolds: In this version, players take turns being blindfolded while playing. If a player loses while blindfolded, they must remove an article of clothing without seeing which one it is.

Strip poker with community clothing pile: In this version, instead of removing their own clothing, players must choose an item from a community clothing pile and wear it. The clothing pile could be made up of items brought by the players or items from a thrift store.

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