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Terraforming Mars

Age Range

How Many Players


Play Time?




2-3 Hours

erraforming Mars is a board game that simulates the process of terraforming the planet Mars. Players take on the roles of corporations, each with their own unique abilities and resources, and compete to transform Mars into a habitable world by raising the temperature, increasing the oxygen levels, and introducing plant and animal life.

Ways to Play

Solo Challenge: Players can compete in a solo challenge to see who can achieve the highest Terraforming Rating in a set number of generations.

Team Challenge: Players can form teams and compete to see which team can reach the highest Terraforming Rating in a set number of generations.

Cooperative Play: Instead of competing against each other, players can work together to achieve a set Terraforming Rating goal in a set number of generations.

Alternate Scoring: Players can experiment with alternate scoring systems, such as scoring based on the amount of oxygen or ocean tiles placed on the board.

Drafting Variants: Players can try different drafting variants, such as snake drafting or passing the cards in a different order.

Custom Corporations: Players can create their own custom corporations with unique starting resources and abilities to add more variety to the game.

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