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Trivia Night

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1-3 Hours

Trivia night is an event where participants come together to answer questions on a wide range of topics in a competitive and often social setting. The questions may be focused on a specific theme or subject area, such as pop culture, history, sports, or general knowledge. Typically, participants play in teams and compete against each other to see who can answer the most questions correctly. Trivia night can be hosted at bars, restaurants, or other entertainment venues, and may offer prizes for the winning team.

Ways to Play

Themed Trivia Night: Choose a specific theme for the trivia questions, such as a particular decade, a specific TV show or movie franchise, or a particular genre of music.

Reverse Trivia Night: Instead of asking questions and having teams give the answers, give teams the answers and have them come up with the questions.

Speed Trivia Night: Set a time limit for each question, and the team that buzzes in with the correct answer first earns the point.

Picture Trivia Night: Instead of asking questions, show teams pictures and have them identify what or who is in the picture.

Pop Culture Trivia Night: Focus on current events, celebrity gossip, and recent trends in music, movies, and TV shows.

Pub Trivia Night: Host the trivia night at a local pub or bar and have teams enjoy food and drinks while answering the questions.

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