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Truth or Dare

Age Range

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1-3 Hours

A truth or dare game night is a type of social gathering where participants play the game Truth or Dare. The game involves players taking turns to either answer a "truth" question honestly or complete a "dare" task given to them by other players. The game can range from lighthearted and playful to more daring and risqué, depending on the group and the level of comfort among participants.

Ways to Play

Themed Truth or Dare: Have a theme for the night, such as "90s," "Disney," or "Halloween," and make all the truth or dare prompts related to the theme.

Board Game Mash-Up: Incorporate truth or dare prompts into other board games, like putting a truth or dare prompt on a Jenga block or on a Monopoly card.

Spin the Bottle: Use a spin the bottle game to determine who will be the "truth" or "dare" recipient, and add some extra fun by making the spinner do a dare if the bottle lands on them.

Mix-Up Bag: Put a bunch of random objects in a bag, like a spoon, a hat, or a rubber band, and have players choose an object at random. They then have to complete a truth or dare prompt that incorporates the object they drew.

Collaborative Truth or Dare: Have players work together on some of the truth or dare prompts, like creating a piece of art together, completing a physical challenge together, or telling a story together.

Truth or Dare Scavenger Hunt: Hide truth or dare prompts around the house or outside, and have players hunt for them. Once they find a prompt, they have to complete it before moving on to the next one.

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