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Virtual CAH

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1+ Hours

Virtual Cards Against Humanity is an online version of the popular card game where players take turns completing fill-in-the-blank statements using a combination of black and white cards with humorous or irreverent phrases. Players then vote on the funniest or most outrageous combination to determine a winner for each round.

Ways to Play

Drinking Edition: For this variant, players take a drink whenever they win a round. This can add a fun twist to the game and make it more exciting.

Theme Night: Choose a theme for the game night and select Cards Against Humanity decks that match the theme. For example, you could have a holiday-themed night, a politics-themed night, or a pop culture-themed night.

Timer Edition: Set a timer for each round, and players must submit their cards before the timer runs out. This can make the game more fast-paced and challenging.

Blind Edition: For this variant, players don't get to see the black card before submitting their white card. This can lead to some unexpected and hilarious pairings.

Two Truths and a Lie: Before each round, each player shares three statements about themselves, two of which are true and one that is a lie. Players must then submit a white card that they think matches the lie statement.

Digital Edition: Use an online platform that allows you to play Cards Against Humanity virtually, such as the website or the mobile app "Evil Apples." This can make it easier to play with friends who are far away.

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