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Virtual Game Show

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2+ Hours

A virtual game show game night is a type of event where participants can compete in a game show-like environment using virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or other video conferencing tools. The host of the event will usually present the questions or challenges, and participants will respond with their answers or actions in real-time, just like on a real game show.

Ways to Play

Trivia night: Host a classic trivia game where participants can choose from a range of categories and answer questions from that category. You can use online trivia platforms or create your own questions.

Jeopardy-style game: Create a Jeopardy-style game with categories and point values. Players can choose categories and answer questions to win points.

Family feud: Host a Family Feud-style game where participants guess popular survey questions and earn points for their team.

Name that tune: Play a snippet of a song and have participants guess the name of the song or artist. You can create a playlist with a range of genres and decades.

Who wants to be a millionaire: Host a game where participants answer increasingly difficult questions to win a virtual cash prize.

Game of Thrones trivia: Host a trivia game specifically about the Game of Thrones TV series or books. You can use online trivia platforms or create your own questions.

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