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Virtual Karaoke

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1+ Hours

Virtual Karaoke is a way to enjoy singing your favorite songs without leaving your home. It is a virtual event where people use software or online platforms to sing along with their favorite songs while their friends or family watch and cheer them on. The singers can choose from a wide range of songs and genres, and their performance is usually broadcasted via webcam or microphone

Ways to Play

Themed Karaoke Night: Choose a theme for the night, such as 80s hits, Disney songs, or songs from musicals. This will add a fun twist to the regular karaoke experience and make it more exciting for participants.

Group Karaoke: Instead of individual performances, have everyone sing together as a group. Choose a well-known and easy-to-sing song, and have everyone sing along together. This can be a fun bonding experience and a way to get everyone involved in the fun.

Karaoke Roulette: Assign each participant a random song, and have them perform it regardless of whether they know the lyrics or not. This can lead to hilarious and unexpected performances, and everyone can enjoy a good laugh.

Team Karaoke: Divide participants into teams, and have each team select a song to perform. Each team member will take turns singing different parts of the song, creating a collaborative and exciting performance.

Battle of the Bands: Divide participants into two teams, and have each team select their own set of songs. Each team will take turns performing their set, and the audience can vote on which team gave the better performance.

Celebrity Impersonations: Assign each participant a different celebrity, and have them perform a song as if they were that celebrity. This can be a fun and creative way to spice up the karaoke experience and make it more entertaining for everyone.

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