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Virtual Scavenger Hunt

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1+ Hours

A virtual scavenger hunt is a game where participants are given a list of items to find or tasks to complete, and they must use the internet, their surroundings, or their own creativity to complete them. It is typically done through video conferencing software or a dedicated platform, where participants share their progress and completed tasks. The first person or team to complete all the tasks or find all the items is declared the winner.

Ways to Play

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Instead of searching for physical items, have participants search for specific items or scenes in photos. Provide a list of items to look for or give clues to help them find the photos.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Bingo: Create bingo cards with different items to find around the house. Participants must search for the items and mark them off on their card. The first one to get a full row or a full card wins.

Virtual Treasure Hunt: Hide virtual clues or puzzles around the internet, such as on social media, websites or online forums. Participants must solve the clues to find the treasure.

Scavenger Hunt Trivia: Combine a scavenger hunt with trivia questions. Participants must find the items and answer a question related to each item.

Collaborative Scavenger Hunt: Split participants into teams and give each team a list of items to find or tasks to complete. The teams can work together virtually to find the items or complete the tasks. The team that completes the most tasks in a set amount of time wins.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Race: Set a timer and challenge participants to find as many items on the list as possible in the allotted time. The participant who finds the most items in the shortest amount of time wins.

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