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Bottle Flip

Players must successfully flip a plastic bottle and have it land upright within one minute

Bottle Flip

Game Play

  • Each player is provided with a plastic water bottle filled to a certain level.

  • Players have one minute to attempt flipping the bottle and make it land upright on a designated surface.

  • A successful flip is when the bottle completes a full rotation in the air and lands standing up.

  • Players must use only one hand to flip the bottle.

  • The player who successfully lands the most bottle flips within the time limit wins the game.


Target Flip: Set up a target, such as a circle drawn on the ground or a bucket, and players must flip the bottle to land it within the target for points. Assign different point values to different areas of the target.

Obstacle Course Flip: Create an obstacle course with various objects or platforms, and players must navigate through the course while successfully flipping the bottle at designated checkpoints.

Blindfolded Bottle Flip: Blindfold the players and have them rely on their instincts and muscle memory to flip the bottle and land it upright within the time limit.

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