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Dice Stacker

Players must stack dice on a popsicle stick held in their mouth within one minute.

Dice Stacker

Game Play

  • Give each player a set of dice and a popsicle stick or a designated tool.

  • Players have one minute to stack as many dice as possible on the edge of the popsicle stick.

  • Only dice that are balanced and stay on the stick will count as points.

  • Players can use any technique to stack the dice, but they must stack them one at a time.

  • The player with the highest number of successfully stacked dice within the time limit wins the game.


Blindfolded Dice Stacker: Blindfold the players and have them rely on their sense of touch and balance to stack the dice.

Speed Dice Stacker: Set a timer for a shorter duration, such as 30 seconds, and challenge players to stack as many dice as possible within that time frame

Dice Pyramid: Instead of stacking the dice on the edge of a popsicle stick, players must build a pyramid structure using the dice within the time limit. The player who creates the highest and most stable pyramid wins the game.

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