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Fish Frenzy

Participants are provided with a small fishbowl of goldfish crackers. Transfer as many goldfish as possible within one minute using only a straw!

Fish Frenzy

Game Play

  • Each player is provided with a container filled with water and a set of small plastic fish.

  • Players must use tweezers or a small net to catch as many fish as possible from the container.

  • The objective is to transfer the fish to another container within the time limit.

  • Players must be careful not to spill water or drop the fish during the transfer.

  • Only fish successfully transferred to the other container will count as points.

  • The player who catches and transfers the most fish within the time limit wins the game.


Blindfolded Fish Frenzy: Blindfold the players and have them rely solely on their sense of touch and coordination to catch the fish within the time limit.

Team Fish Frenzy: Divide players into teams and have them work together to catch and transfer the fish. Each team member takes turns using the tweezers or net. 

Moving Target Fish Frenzy: Attach a motorized platform or create a moving target in the water container, making it more challenging for players to catch the fish. 

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