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Golf Ball Stack

Participants are provided with a set of golf balls to build their tower. The objective is to stack as many golf balls as possible into a tower within one minute.

Golf Ball Stack

Game Play

  • Each player is provided with a set of golf balls.

  • Players must stack the golf balls on top of each other to create a tower.

  • The objective is to stack as many golf balls as possible within the time limit while maintaining balance and stability.

  • The golf balls must be stacked one at a time, carefully placing each ball on top of the previous one.

  • If the tower collapses, players must start again from the bottom with a new ball.

  • The player who successfully stacks the most golf balls or creates the tallest tower within the time limit wins the game.


Blindfolded Golf Ball Stack: Blindfold the players and have them rely on their sense of touch and balance to stack the golf balls within the time limit.

Team Golf Ball Stack: Divide players into teams to work together to stack the golf balls. Each team member takes turns adding a ball to the tower. The team that creates the tallest or most stable tower wins.

Obstacle Golf Ball Stack: Set up obstacles or challenges that players must navigate while stacking the golf balls. It could involve adding a twist or turn in the path or requiring players to stack the balls on an unstable surface.

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