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Rapid Fire

Players must shoot rubber bands at a target and try to hit as many times as possible within one minute.

Rapid Fire

Game Play

  • Place a target, such as a set of cups or a designated point on a wall, at a reasonable distance from the players.

  • Participants have one minute to shoot as many rubber bands as they can at the target.

  • Only rubber bands that successfully hit and stay on the target will count as points.

  • Players must stand behind a designated line or spot while shooting the rubber bands.

  • The player with the highest number of successful hits within the time limit wins the game.


Moving Target: Attach the target to a motorized platform that moves back and forth, making it more challenging for players to hit it accurately.

Blindfolded Rapid Fire: Blindfold the players and have them rely solely on their sense of touch and aim to shoot the rubber bands at the target.

Team Rapid Fire: Divide players into teams and have them take turns shooting rubber bands. The team with the highest combined score wins the game.

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