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Spoon Race

Players must balance an egg or a ping pong ball on a spoon and pass it to the next player in a relay race without dropping it within one minute.

Spoon Race

Game Play

  • Each player is provided with a spoon and a small object to balance on the spoon, such as a ping pong ball or a marshmallow.

  • Players must hold the spoon with their mouth and balance the object on the spoon.

  • The objective is to race to the finish line without dropping the object from the spoon.

  • If the object falls, players must stop and place it back on the spoon before continuing.

  • The first player or team to complete the race within the time limit wins the game.


Obstacle Spoon Race: Set up an obstacle course with hurdles or zigzag paths that players must navigate while balancing the object on the spoon.

Blindfolded Spoon Race: Blindfold the players and have them rely on their teammates' guidance to complete the race while balancing the object on the spoon.

Long-Distance Spoon Race: Increase the distance of the race, challenging players to maintain balance over a longer distance within the time limit.

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