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Trash Tower

In Trash Tower, players are tasked with stacking empty soda cans using only one hand. The goal is to create the tallest tower possible within one minute.

Trash Tower

Game Play

  • Each player is given a set of empty soda cans or other recyclable materials.

  • Players must stack the cans or materials on top of each other to create a tower.

  • The objective is to build the tallest and most stable tower possible within the time limit.

  • Players must stack the cans one at a time, carefully placing each one on top of the previous one.

  • If the tower collapses, players must start again from the bottom with a new can.

  • The player who successfully builds the tallest or most stable tower within the time limit wins the game.


Blindfolded Trash Tower: Blindfold the players and have them rely on their sense of touch and balance to stack the cans within the time limit.

Team Trash Tower: Divide players into teams and have them work together to build a tower. Each team member takes turns adding a can to the tower. The team that creates the tallest or most stable tower within the time limit wins.

Obstacle Trash Tower: Introduce obstacles or challenges that players must overcome while building the tower. This could include using an inclined surface or requiring players to build the tower while balancing on one foot.

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