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10 Crackin' Games for a Grand St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day

Ah, St. Patrick's Day, when the green beer flows like the River Shannon and everyone's Irish, even your mate Dave from accounting who swears he's one-sixteenth Irish on his mother's cousin's side. Whether you're out on a rollicking pub crawl, hunting for shamrocks, or just holed up in someone's living room because it's still snowing outside, we've got a list of 10 fantastic games to add a bit of craic (that's fun, for those of you not up on your Irish slang) to your festivities. So, grab your greenest attire, a pint of the black stuff (Guinness, for the uninitiated), and let's dive into this pot of gold.

St Patricks's Day

1. Leprechaun Limbo

How low can you go under a green, shamrock-adorned limbo stick without spilling your drink? That's the challenge of Leprechaun Limbo. The trick is to keep your balance better than a leprechaun on a pot of gold. Just remember, if you spill, you're buying the next round! Bring along a limbo pole or broomstick or green garland

2. St Patrick's Day Shamrock Shuffle

Turn your pub crawl into a game of Shamrock Shuffle. Before you start, list down the names of pubs you'll visit and assign a unique challenge to each. Challenges can range from singing an Irish song at the bar, ordering the pub's most Irish drink, to finding someone wearing the most outrageous green outfit and snapping a selfie. Collect points for each completed challenge, and may the luckiest leprechaun win!

  • Compose and recite an original limerick about your current location or drink in the spirit of the Emerald Isle. Bonus points for humor and creativity!

  • Find and wear three new green items from around the pub or party location. Items can be borrowed from strangers but must be worn with pride for the remainder of the evening.

  • Lead a group in an impromptu dance to an Irish tune. The more participants, the better. Document the performance for posterity (and social media).

  • Carry a pint of beer from one end of the bar to the other using only your palms, no fingers allowed. Spills mean a restart is in order!

  • Invent a heartwarming or hilarious toast, give it at the next pub, and get everyone to join in. The toast should end with a hearty "Sláinte!" and everyone taking a sip.

  •  Find a four-leaf clover decoration or item in the pub or on someone's attire. If real clovers are nowhere to be found, a creatively drawn one by a fellow pub-goer will suffice.

  • Learn and correctly pronounce a phrase in Irish Gaelic. Use it at least once in conversation at every stop for the rest of the night.

  • Snap a selfie with the most outrageously dressed person in green. If you're feeling bold, try to include strangers in a group selfie, all sporting their best St. Paddy's gear.

  • Collect a coaster, napkin, or similar item from each pub visited. The person with the most diverse "pot o' gold" at the end of the night wins.

  • Engage in a sing-off with a friend or a stranger, belting out your best rendition of "Danny Boy." The performance must be judged by impartial pub-goers or fellow participants for fairness.

3. Murder Mystery Game - Shamrock Shenanigans

Dive into "Shamrock Shenanigans," a captivating St. Patrick's Day-themed murder mystery game from Game Nights Galore, designed to transform your celebration into a thrilling night of intrigue and fun. When the beloved local leprechaun, Paddy O'Party, is found mysteriously deceased, it's up to you and your guests to solve the case. This interactive mystery game is great for 12 people and can be played indoors or out on the town!


4. Irish Slang Bingo

Create bingo cards filled with Irish slang terms and phrases. As you go about your night, tick off any term you hear someone say. The first to get a line shouts, "Feckin' Bingo!" and wins. It's a great way to get everyone speaking a bit of the local lingo, even if it's just for laughs.

5. Green Beer Pong

It's like your standard beer pong but with green beer. If that's not festive enough for you, make the rule that every miss requires you to recite an Irish toast or limerick before your next turn. It'll either improve your aim or your poetry skills—win-win.


6. Find the Leprechaun

Before your friends arrive, hide a leprechaun doll (or a printed picture if the budget's tight) somewhere in your house. Throughout the night, drop hints about its location. The first to find the leprechaun wins a special prize. Think of it as an adult version of hide and seek, with a touch more mischief.

7. Rainbow Relay

Organize a relay race where each team must complete tasks that represent the colors of the rainbow. For example, drink a red shot, wear an orange hat, find something yellow, etc. The first team to complete the rainbow wins. It's a fantastic way to get everyone moving and maybe, just maybe, finding that pot of gold at the end of the race.

8. Shamrock Scavenger Hunt

If you're out and about, a Shamrock Scavenger Hunt can add excitement to your crawl. Create a list of items to find or tasks to complete, each with a point value. They could range from finding a four-leaf clover (good luck with that), getting a barkeep to tell you an Irish joke, to spotting the most creatively dressed person in green. The team or individual with the most points at the end of the night wins.

  • Find a redhead willing to receive a cheeky peck on the cheek. Remember, consent is key!

  • Challenge a stranger to an Irish dance-off. Bonus points if you both know the steps to "Riverdance."

  • Snap a selfie with someone dressed as a leprechaun or wearing an excessive amount of green.

  • Toast with a stranger using green beer or any green-colored drink.

  • Find a four-leaf clover decoration or someone with a four-leaf clover tattoo.

  • Sing an Irish song at a karaoke bar or persuade the DJ to play one and get the crowd to sing along.

  • Find and consume a shamrock-themed treat or drink. A Shamrock Shake counts if you're near a participating establishment.

  • Locate a pot of gold, whether it's a decoration, a drink named after it, or a creatively interpreted version by a bar.

  • Take a photo with the Irish flag or any item displaying the flag's colors: green, white, and orange.

  • Invent a St. Patrick's Day toast, recite it in a crowded area, and get at least five people to join in.

  • Learn and use an Irish slang phrase in conversation with a stranger.

  • Award a stranger with the "Emerald Fashion Award" for the best green outfit. Make a small certificate or simply declare it with a cheer.


9. Guess the Irish Tune

Play a snippet of famous Irish songs and have everyone guess the tune. Throw in a mix of traditional Irish folk music and hits from bands like U2 or The Cranberries to keep things interesting. Wrong guesses could result in having to take a sip of your drink or perform a small dare.

10. Danny Boy Karaoke

No St. Patrick's Day is complete without a tear-jerking rendition of "Danny Boy." For a night out...Make it a challenge to get as many people in the bar to sing the song at once. The person at the end of the night with the most people, wins. Or for a night in, set up a karaoke machine and challenge your friends to give their best performance. Extra points for emotional delivery and attempting an Irish accent (though, be warned, you might lose friends over the latter).

So, there you have it, folks! Ten fantastically fun games to make your St. Patrick's Day as memorable as a leprechaun sliding down a rainbow. Remember, the goal is to have fun and celebrate, so drink responsibly, play heartily, and may the luck of the Irish be with you! Thank you and please be safe this St Patrick's Day! Game Nights Galore

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