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Throwing an Epic Christmas Party: A Guide to Festive Fun!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Ah, the holiday season! A time of joy, warmth, and bonding. If you're looking to throw an unforgettable Christmas party, this guide will help you plan an event that's both magical and memorable.

Murder Under The Mistletoe

Theme It Up!

Choosing a theme can elevate your party from fun to phenomenal!

  • Winter Wonderland: Convert your living space into a snowy paradise with white decor, twinkling fairy lights, and snowflake accents.

  • Ugly Sweater Soiree: Get everyone to don their zaniest Christmas sweaters. Offer prizes for the most outrageous one!

  • Murder Under the Mistletoe: Host a fabulous Christmas-themed murder mystery party.

Gingerbread Invite

Unique Invitations

Ditch the generic e-vites. Opt for personalized video invitations or, better yet, send mini Christmas stockings or baubles with the party details inside.

Material Invitations:

  • Mini Christmas Stockings: Write the party details on a card and slip it inside a mini stocking. This also doubles as a keepsake.

  • Baubles: Buy clear baubles, insert a rolled-up invitation inside, and tie with a festive ribbon.

  • Wax Sealed Letters: Embrace the vintage charm by sending out parchment-style invitations sealed with festive wax.

Digital Invite

Digital Invitations:

  • Video Invitations: Record a fun and short video of you, perhaps in front of your decorated home or with a hint of the party theme, inviting guests over. Platforms like Evite now offer this feature.

  • Interactive E-vites: There are platforms where you can design e-vites that have clickable elements. Maybe clicking on a Christmas tree ornament reveals the date, while the fireplace reveals the location.

Personal Touch: Add a small personal note for each guest or couple. Mentioning a shared memory or an inside joke adds warmth and makes the invitation even more special.

Drink station

Drink Stations with a Twist

Sure, everyone loves mulled wine, but let's get creative!

Santa's Workshop of Shots:

  • Presentation: Have a tiered table, like steps in Santa’s workshop, with elves (labels) presenting each shot.

  • DIY Element: Apart from pre-mixed shots, keep elements for guests to concoct their own. For instance, a base like vodka, and mix-ins like candy cane bits or cranberry juice.

Snowglobe drink

Snow Globe Cocktails:

  • The Twist: Use edible shimmer or glitter, available at baking stores, to create a swirling, snow-like effect in the cocktail.

  • Serving: Opt for rounded glasses or jars to resemble actual snow globes. And don’t forget to garnish! A sprig of rosemary or a sugared cranberry can be the finishing touch.

Alcohol-free Alcove:

  • Mocktail Menu: Create a menu card for this station with fun names. For example, "Santa's Sleigh Ride" could be a blend of apple cider, cinnamon, and sparkling water.

  • Warm Options: Think beyond cold drinks. Hot spiced apple cider or a creamy peppermint hot chocolate can be delightful.

Drink Tokens: To make the drink station interactive and to moderate alcohol consumption, you can give guests drink tokens. They can trade these in for drinks, making each drink feel special.

Christmas Cheese Tree

Gourmet Potluck

Invite guests to bring a dish from their holiday tradition, turning dinner into an international feast! This not only divides the work but also introduces everyone to new delightful dishes.

  • Theme Suggestions: Ask guests in advance to bring a dish inspired by a Christmas tradition from a different country. For example:

    • Tamales from Mexico.

    • Tourtière, a meat pie from Canada.

    • Panettone, a sweet bread loaf from Italy.

    • Beigli, a walnut roll from Hungary.

  • Coordination is Key: Use apps or platforms like Google Sheets to coordinate who’s bringing what. This avoids duplicates and ensures a balanced meal with appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. You wouldn’t want to end up with ten variations of eggnog and no main course!

  • Presentation: Ask guests to accompany their dish with a small placard or note describing its origin, ingredients, and the tradition behind it. This not only educates other guests but also sparks intriguing conversation around the meal.

  • Serving Equipment: Ensure you have enough warming trays, slow cookers, or oven space to keep foods at the right temperature. Coordinate with your guests if they'd need any specific serving utensils or equipment for their dishes.

  • Allergen Alert: With a range of dishes from various cuisines, it's vital to be aware of potential allergens. Request guests to list any common allergens on the dish's description card (like nuts, dairy, gluten). This way, everyone can enjoy the feast without worry.

  • Beverage Pairing: Take the potluck to the next level by suggesting beverage pairings. Guests can bring wines, beers, or non-alcoholic drinks that complement their dishes. For instance, a guest bringing a spicy dish could pair it with a sweet white wine or a cooling mocktail.

  • Décor and Setting: Since the meal will be the star, decorate your dining space with a global touch. Consider a centerpiece with Christmas decorations from around the world. Use table runners or cloths that are vibrant and universal, avoiding being too specific to any one tradition.

Family games

Fun & Games

Adults love games too!

  • Secret Santa with a Twist: Apart from gifting, each Secret Santa has to share a fun fact about their recipient. A great way to know more about each other!

  • Christmas Karaoke: Only Christmas songs allowed. "Last Christmas" by Wham! is bound to be a hit!

  • Christmas Movie Bingo: Make bingo cards with classic scenes from popular holiday movies. Play movies in the background, and the first to spot scenes and complete their card wins!

Photo booth

DIY Photo Booth

Create a designated photo area with props like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and mistletoe. Use a Polaroid or a digital camera paired with a portable printer so guests can take memories home.

  • Backdrop: Consider a roll of wrapping paper or a curtain of fairy lights. Add some tinsel, pine branches, or even blow-up Christmas decorations.

  • Props: Apart from the typical Santa hats and reindeer antlers, include quirky glasses, Christmas quote boards, and themed masks. Consider items like a faux snow machine or a sled to elevate the experience.

  • Tech: Mobile phones work just fine, but a tripod can add stability. For an old-school touch, use a Polaroid. Renting a photo booth machine for instant photo strips can be a fun touch, too.

Fireside Storytime

Fireside Storytime

Create a cozy nook with cushions and blankets near a fireplace (real or digital!). Invite guests to share their most memorable Christmas stories.

  • Setup: If you don't have a fireplace, use a digital one on your TV or projector. Add multiple soft cushions, bean bags, and warm, plush blankets.

  • Story Prompts: In case people are shy or unsure, provide story prompts in a Christmas hat. Example prompts: "Your most unexpected Christmas gift" or "A time when a Christmas wish came true".

  • Warm Drinks: Serve hot chocolate, mulled wine, or warm apple cider here. The warmth of the drink complements the warmth of the stories.

Christmas Music

Eclectic Playlist

Christmas classics are essential, but also include some unexpected tunes. Mix in some jazz renditions, rock covers, or even Christmas songs from around the world.

  • Genres: Blend in jazz renditions of Christmas classics, rock covers, indie versions, and global Christmas songs. For instance, Flamenco guitar versions or K-pop Christmas hits can surprise and entertain.

  • Platforms: Use platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. You can even crowdsource by asking your invitees to suggest one song for the playlist.

  • Duration: Ensure the playlist is long enough to avoid repetition — aim for at least 3-4 hours.

Christmas Crafts

Craft Corner

A crafting table with supplies to make Christmas ornaments or cards can be a relaxing escape from the boisterous party. Plus, guests get another keepsake!

  • Ornaments: Provide clear ornaments and an array of fillers like colorful feathers, glitter, or even small photographs.

  • Cards: Stock up on blank cards, stamps, stickers, colored pens, and markers. Encourage guests to create a holiday card for someone at the party or for their loved ones.

  • Guidance: Not everyone is crafty. Print out simple instruction sheets or provide tablets/laptops with how-to videos.


Farewell Favors

Send guests home with a little token — homemade cookies, mini fruitcakes, or even a Christmas ornament.

  • Homemade Goodies: Bake gingerbread cookies or mini fruitcakes. You can also make Christmas candy or chocolate bark. Package them in cellophane with a ribbon.

  • Personal Touch: Attach a small note to each favor, thanking the guest for their presence. This small gesture can leave a lasting impression.

  • DIY Kits: Send guests home with a mini DIY kit, like a "make your own hot chocolate" mix with marshmallows, cocoa, and a mini whisk.

Remember, the goal of the party is to enjoy and bond with loved ones. So, deck those halls, don your festive attire, and make this Christmas party an epic one that guests will talk about for years to come! 🎄🥂🎁

And don't forget your Christmas themed Murder Mystery Game!

Christmas Murder Mystery Game

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