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Five Nights at Freddy's (FNaF): Unraveling Easter Eggs & Hidden References


The "Five Nights at Freddy's" (FNaF) franchise has always been a treasure trove for fans who love delving into the minutiae, uncovering hidden details, and piecing together the enigmatic lore Scott Cawthon so ingeniously crafted. Whether you're new to the world of Freddy Fazbear or a seasoned gamer who's survived countless nights, the movie adaptation offers a plethora of easter eggs and hidden references.

With its cinematic debut, FNaF has only expanded on this tradition. Let's explore the most intriguing easter eggs and references tucked away in the film that only true FNaF aficionados might catch.

The Bite of '87

In a fleeting scene at the pizzeria, there's a calendar marked with the year 1987. This is a direct nod to the infamous "Bite of '87," an event referenced in the games where an animatronic allegedly bit a person, leading to the removal of their frontal lobe.

  • What It Is: In the games, the "Bite of '87" refers to a gruesome incident where an animatronic bit a person, causing severe injury. This event led to significant changes at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

  • Spotting It in the Movie: An old, faded calendar in the pizzeria is marked with the year 1987. For the uninitiated, it might seem arbitrary, but to fans, it's a nod to this chilling in-game event.

Exotic Butters

In the movie, when a character is seen shopping, there's a quick shot of a basket containing "Exotic Butters." This quirky item originates from "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location," where it's presented as a gift in the game's fake ending.

  • What It Is: In "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location," players can earn "Exotic Butters" as a humorous gift. It became an unexpected fan-favorite meme.

  • Spotting It in the Movie: A seemingly ordinary shopping scene holds this easter egg. Among the items is a basket of these unique butters, blending humor with nostalgia.

The Fan

No FNaF setting would be complete without the iconic desk fan. True to form, the security room in the film features the familiar fan from the games, whirring away in the background.

  • What It Is: Oddly enough, one of the series' most consistent features is a desk fan. It's present in nearly all the games, serving no clear purpose other than atmosphere.

  • Spotting It in the Movie: As a nod to its consistent in-game presence, the security room in the film faithfully includes the whirring desk fan.

Crying Child Drawings

Scattered on the walls of the pizzeria are children's drawings. Among them, keen-eyed fans might spot a drawing reminiscent of the "crying child" from the mini-games in FNaF 2 and 3, hinting at the tragic events surrounding the establishment.

  • What It Is: Throughout the game series, "crying child" sprites appear in mini-games, hinting at the tragic stories of children linked to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

  • Spotting It in the Movie: On the pizzeria walls, among several children's drawings, you can find one reminiscent of these crying child sprites, serving as a subtle, somber reminder.

FNAF Freddy

Phone Guy's Messages

At one point, a character plays an old voicemail, and the voice bears a striking resemblance to the Phone Guy from the games, offering guidance and warnings about the animatronics' behaviors.

  • What It Is: In the games, players receive pre-recorded messages from the "Phone Guy." These recordings offer gameplay tips and lore, delivered in a mix of casual banter and subtle unease.

  • Spotting It in the Movie: A scene with an old voicemail playback features a voice eerily reminiscent of the Phone Guy, merging game guidance with in-film narrative.

Purple Car

In a brief shot outside the pizzeria, a purple car is parked. This could be a nod to the enigmatic "Purple Guy," a central figure in the game series known for his sinister actions.

  • What It Is: The "Purple Guy" is a central, sinister figure in the FNaF lore. He's linked to the dark history of the animatronics and the pizzeria's tragedies.

  • Spotting It in the Movie: While the Purple Guy's presence is largely symbolic in the games, the film opts for a more literal easter egg with a purple car parked outside the pizzeria, hinting at his ominous presence.

Golden Freddy

During a particularly tense scene, a flickering image of a golden animatronic can be seen in the shadows. This is most likely Golden Freddy, a mysterious and rare character from the game series known for his sudden and unsettling appearances.

  • What It Is: Golden Freddy is a rare, ghostly animatronic in the games. Its appearances are unpredictable and often accompanied by game crashes or distortions.

  • Spotting It in the Movie: In a tense sequence, a fleeting image of a golden animatronic appears in the shadows. This cameo adds an extra layer of mystery and fear for fans familiar with its unpredictable nature.

Fazbear's Fright

In the background of a news broadcast, there's mention of a horror attraction based on the Freddy Fazbear legend. This is a reference to "Fazbear's Fright," the central location in "Five Nights at Freddy's 3."

  • What It Is: "Fazbear's Fright" is a horror attraction introduced in "Five Nights at Freddy's 3," capitalizing on the urban legends surrounding Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

  • Spotting It in the Movie: A news broadcast briefly mentions a new horror attraction, giving a nod to this in-game location and hinting at the lasting legacy of Freddy Fazbear's in the movie universe.

Minigame-Inspired Sequences

Certain scenes in the movie are shot in 8-bit style, reminiscent of the mini-games in the FNaF series. These sequences provide backstory and lore, much like their game counterparts.

  • What It Is: The FNaF games often feature 8-bit style mini-games, revealing bits of backstory and lore.

  • Spotting It in the Movie: The film creatively integrates similar 8-bit sequences, offering narrative depth and serving as a unique stylistic choice that pays homage to the games.

Springtrap's Blueprint

In an office scene, you might notice a rolled-up blueprint in the background. If you pause and zoom in, it bears a resemblance to the Springtrap animatronic design from "Five Nights at Freddy's 3."

  • What It Is: Springtrap, introduced in "Five Nights at Freddy's 3," is a decayed animatronic with a dark backstory. In the games, players can find hidden blueprints detailing its design.

  • Spotting It in the Movie: An office scene subtly showcases a rolled-up blueprint in the background. While easy to overlook, its design is unmistakably reminiscent of Springtrap, teasing its existence in the film universe.

The "Five Nights at Freddy's" movie is a love letter to fans, and these easter eggs are a testament to the filmmakers' dedication to the source material. These easter eggs and hidden references enrich the viewing experience for both newcomers and hardcore fans, making every scene worth a closer look. Whether it's your first encounter with Freddy or you're a seasoned FNaF gamer, there's always something new to discover in this haunting cinematic adaptation.


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