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20 EPIC Ideas for Hosting a Borderlands Party!!!


Welcome to Pandora, where the booze is strong, the guns are louder, and the party never stops!

Whether you're a seasoned Vault Hunter or a newbie looking to dive into the chaotic world of Borderlands, we've got you covered with the ultimate guide to throwing an epic Borderlands party for adults. Grab your favorite gunzerking buddy and let's get this psycho-fueled fiesta started!

Epic Invitations: Start with a bang! Create digital invites that look like ECHOcasts, complete with Borderlands-style graphics and witty character quotes. Include essential details like the party location, time, and a request for costumes. Bonus points for Claptrap cameos or hidden messages that reveal a special surprise at the party.

Cosplay Contest: Encourage your guests to come dressed as their favorite Vault Hunters, psychos, or other Borderlands characters. Provide prizes for the best-dressed, such as loot crates filled with themed goodies like mini action figures, weapon keychains, and custom-made Borderlands badges. Consider categories like "Most Creative Costume" and "Best Use of Props."

Pandoran Decor: Transform your space into a post-apocalyptic wonderland. Use rusty barrels, wanted posters, neon signs, and make DIY Eridium crystals using purple cellophane and LED lights. Create a cluttered, chaotic atmosphere with various Borderlands props and memorabilia. You can even hang up banners with iconic quotes and catchphrases from the game.

Borderlands Drink

Moxxi’s Bar: Set up a bar area modeled after Moxxi’s famous bar. Serve themed cocktails like “Rakk Ale,” “Vault Hunter Vodka,” and the infamous “Borderlands Buzzbomb.” Use creative labels and glassware to enhance the experience. Decorate the bar with neon lights and Moxxi’s signature style, and consider hiring a bartender to keep the drinks flowing.

Loot Chest Party Favors: Fill loot chests with themed goodies for guests to raid as they arrive. Items could include Borderlands stickers, wristbands, small toy weapons, and in-game collectible replicas. Decorate the chests with Vault symbols and place them around the party area to add to the immersive experience.

Interactive Quest Board: Create a quest board with missions your guests can complete throughout the night. Include tasks like finding hidden loot, completing mini-boss challenges, or solving riddles. Use ECHO-like devices (smartphones or tablets) to distribute clues and updates. Reward guests with themed prizes or points that can be exchanged for loot.

Psycho Relay Races: Set up an obstacle course and have guests participate in relay races dressed as psychos. Use props like hula hoops, inflatable barriers, and cones. Add challenges like carrying “Eridium” (purple balloons) without popping them. The more chaotic, the better! The winner gets a golden key to open a special loot chest.

Catch-a-Ride Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with a Scooter’s Catch-a-Ride backdrop. Provide props like masks, toy guns, and ECHO devices for guests to pose with. Use a Polaroid camera or a photo printer to give guests instant photo keepsakes. Decorate the booth with car parts and Scooter’s signature signage for authenticity.

Boss Battle Arena: Host a boss battle with inflatable weapons or NERF guns. Create bosses like “Killa Billy” or “Mad Moxxi” and let guests team up to take them down. Use painted cardboard cutouts for the bosses and add sound effects to enhance the experience. Keep score and award the best fighters with special loot.

Borderlands Soundtrack: Curate a playlist with Borderlands OSTs and songs from artists like Cage the Elephant. Include tracks like “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” “How You Like Me Now,” and other high-energy songs. Set up a good sound system to keep the energy up and make sure the music matches the chaotic vibe of Pandora.

  1. "Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant - The iconic song from the original Borderlands trailer.

  2. "Short Change Hero" by The Heavy - Another Borderlands classic, setting the perfect mood.

  3. "How You Like Me Now" by The Heavy - High-energy and perfect for getting everyone pumped.

  4. "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads - An excellent fit for the psycho-themed fun.

  5. "Invincible" by OK Go - Energetic and perfect for action-packed moments.

  6. "No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age - A rock anthem to keep the party rocking.

  7. "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz - Great beats and vibes to keep the energy up.

  8. "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - A crowd-pleaser that keeps the momentum going.

  9. "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor - Perfect for getting everyone in the fighting spirit.

  10. "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC - High voltage and full of energy.

  11. "Blitzkrieg Bop" by Ramones - Fast-paced and great for keeping things lively.

  12. "Lonely Boy" by The Black Keys - Catchy and energetic, perfect for a Borderlands vibe.

  13. "Sabotage" by Beastie Boys - A classic that gets everyone hyped.

  14. "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival - Another classic, great for background atmosphere.

  15. "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons - Fits the apocalyptic theme and energizes the crowd.

  16. "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" by The Smashing Pumpkins - A bit darker, perfect for the Borderlands setting.

  17. "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen - A fun song that fits well with the game’s themes.

  18. "Electric Feel" by MGMT - Cool, electronic vibes to mix things up.

  19. "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes - A powerful anthem to keep everyone engaged.

  20. "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand - A perfect blend of rock and danceable beats to keep the party going strong.

Psycho Face Paint Station: Hire a face painter to give guests psycho tattoos and war paint. Set up a station with reference images of psycho masks and other character designs. Offer temporary tattoos and makeup kits for those who want to DIY. This is perfect for guests who didn’t come in costume but want to get in on the action.

Vault Hunter Training Grounds: Set up a shooting range with NERF guns. Create targets featuring bandits, psychos, and skags using printed images on cardboard. Offer prizes for the best sharpshooters, like custom Borderlands-themed medals or small trophies. Make it competitive with leaderboards and timed challenges.

Tiny Tina

Tiny Tina’s Tea Party: Dedicate a corner to Tiny Tina’s tea party. Serve tiny sandwiches, cupcakes, and of course, “Bonerfarts” (mini sausage rolls). Decorate the area with mismatched tea sets, stuffed animals, and colorful tablecloths. Play some of Tiny Tina’s memorable quotes to set the mood and encourage guests to join in the fun.

Badass Challenges: Create a series of party games and challenges based on the Badass Rank system. Include activities like beer pong, flip cup, and Borderlands trivia. Keep track of scores using a leaderboard and award a Badass of the Night trophy at the end of the party. Customize the trophy with Borderlands-themed elements like Vault symbols or character figurines.

Guns, Love, and Tentacles Cake: Order a custom cake inspired by the Borderlands universe. A two-tier cake with guns, tentacles, and vault symbols will leave a lasting impression. Choose flavors that reflect the game’s themes, like “Eridium” (blueberry) or “Skag Meat” (chocolate). Display the cake prominently and cut it during a special ceremony.

Torgue’s Explosive Piñata: Craft a piñata filled with candy and mini bottles of booze. Shape it like a psycho’s head or a vault symbol for extra flair. When it explodes, it’ll be pure Torgue! Use colorful paper and sturdy materials to ensure the piñata can withstand some hits before breaking.

Sanctuary Loot Room: Designate a room as the loot room where guests can stash their coats and bags. Decorate it like Sanctuary, with loot chests, vending machines, and in-game references. Include comfy seating and ambient lighting to create a relaxed, secure atmosphere for guests to store their belongings.

Bandit BBQ: Fire up the grill and serve up a Pandoran feast. Think roasted Skag (burgers), Bullymong ribs, and psycho slaw. Don’t forget the Eridium-infused BBQ sauce! Use themed menu cards and decorations to tie everything back to the Borderlands universe. Offer vegetarian options and make sure there’s something for everyone.


Psycho Karaoke: Set up a karaoke machine and let your guests belt out their favorite songs. Include some Borderlands-themed songs for added hilarity. Provide a stage area with props and costumes for guests to use while performing. Award prizes for the best performances, such as “Best Psycho Performance” or “Most Likely to Survive Pandora.”

Vault Closing Ceremony: End the night with a bang by hosting a Vault Closing Ceremony. Have a final toast, announce the winners of the night’s contests, and play a farewell video message from Claptrap. Use this moment to thank everyone for coming and give out any remaining loot or prizes. Play a montage of the night’s best moments to leave everyone with great memories.

Moxxi's Mayhem, Madness & Murder

Bonus Activity: Borderlands Murder Mystery Game by Game Nights Galore: Add an extra layer of excitement to any party with a Borderlands-themed murder mystery game set in the infamous Moxxi's bar. This high-stakes poker tournament quickly spirals into a deadly game of cat and mouse when the notorious weapons dealer, Ryker Flux, is found murdered. Guests will have a blast solving the mystery, interrogating suspects, and uncovering secrets in true Borderlands fashion.

Bonus Tip: Don't forget to have plenty of health potions (water and snacks) on hand to keep your Vault Hunters in fighting shape. This ain’t no Borderlands without some mayhem, so get ready to party like a badass!

Now get out there and show Pandora how it's done! And remember, "May the guns be with you, Vault Hunter!" Happy Hosting! Game Nights Galore Also...Check out our pinterest board for tons of ideas on this party theme and many, many others.

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