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Epic Ladies' Night Pub Crawl: From PJs to Granny Chic!

Ladies, it's time to break out those calendars and start planning the ultimate night out with your squad. I'm talking about a pub crawl that's anything but ordinary – think PJ's, fancy dress, and maybe even a little bit of grandma chic!

PJ's Pub Crawl

Pajama Party Pub Crawl

Why wait until you're home to get comfy? Start your night in your cutest PJs! Imagine hopping from bar to bar in your favorite onesie or silky pajamas. And the best part? You're already dressed for bed when you get home. Choose themes within the PJ party, like "glam nightwear" or "cartoon character onesies." Imagine strutting into a pub in a unicorn onesie or elegant silk robes!

Start with a cozy, laid-back bar, perfect for getting the night started. Later, head to a dance club where your sleepwear becomes your statement outfit. Don't forget the fuzzy slippers!

Sober Pub Crawl

The Sober Crawl

Who says you need alcohol to have fun? Opt for a sober crawl and explore the best mocktails in town. It’s all about the laughs, the dance moves, and, of course, those delicious non-alcoholic concoctions. Your liver will thank you in the morning! Try a coffee crawl, sampling unique blends and cozy cafes. Or, how about a dessert crawl, hopping from one sweet spot to another?

Begin at a trendy juice bar, then hit a hip mocktail lounge. Each place should have a signature non-alcoholic drink – the more exotic, the better. Imagine toasting with lavender lemonades and spicy virgin Marys!

Granny Night Pub Crawl

Granny Chic Crawl

Channel your inner Golden Girl and hit the town in granny gear. Think cardigans, pearls, and maybe a few temporary grey hair sprays. Rock those reading glasses and show off your ‘older and wiser’ dance moves. The younger crowd won't know what hit 'em! Besides the classic granny look, think about era-specific outfits – 1920s flapper grannies or 70s disco grannies!

Your first stop could be a quaint, vintage-style pub, perfect for your retro look. Later, find a karaoke bar where you can belt out old classics in your granny best. Bonus points for bringing along knitting needles!

Scavenger Hunt

Drinking Scavenger Hunt

Mix up your pub crawl with a drinking scavenger hunt. Prepare a list of hilarious and achievable tasks for each pub (like serenading a stranger or getting a selfie with the bartender). The more creative, the better. Just remember, it's all in good fun! Make it themed – like finding items related to movie titles, or a "bachelorette-style" hunt with challenges like "get a guy to serenade you."

Tasks could include "convince the DJ to play a 90s hit" or "find someone with the same shoe size and swap shoes for a dance." Each completed task earns points, and the winner gets a prize at the end of the night!

Drunk Trivia

Drunk Trivia Night

Combine your love for trivia with your pub crawl. Each pub is a new round, and every drink gets you a "lifeline." Test your knowledge while sipping on your favorite brew. May the smartest (and tipsiest) team win! Tailor trivia topics to your group's interests – from pop culture and history to local trivia or even personal questions about members of your group. (Check out Game Nights Galore's Trivia Section for a ton of free trivia questions/answers on many topics.)

Each pub represents a different round of trivia, perhaps with themes like "movie quotes" or "name that tune." Enjoy a cocktail at each venue and put those tipsy brains to the test!

Christmas In July

Holiday-Themed Pub Crawls

Christmas in July: Beat the heat with a cool Yuletide twist! Deck yourselves in Santa hats, elf ears, or even summer-friendly Christmas attire. Visit pubs with festive decorations and enjoy seasonal drinks like frozen eggnog or peppermint mojitos.

Ugly Sweater Night: Time to raid the closet for those gloriously hideous sweaters! Each pub can have its own mini-contest for the ugliest sweater, with holiday-themed drinks to match.

Single Gal Valentine's: Who needs Cupid when you've got your besties? Don your most fabulous reds and pinks, and hit the town. Celebrate your friendship with love-themed cocktails, like "Single and Loving It" martinis or "Galentine's" margaritas.

Consider other holidays too! How about a spooky Halloween pub crawl, complete with costumes and themed drinks, or a New Year’s-themed crawl in June, where every pub rings in a ‘half-year’ at midnight?

Cosplay Pub Crawl

Cosplay Night

Unleash the fun with a cosplay-themed pub crawl. Whether you’re comic book fans, anime enthusiasts, or fantasy lovers, this is your chance to shine.

Choose a specific theme like superheroes, video game characters, or famous movie icons. Or, go wild with a mix-and-match approach where each friend chooses a character from a different genre.

Tips for an Unforgettable Night

  • Stay Hydrated: Alternate those cocktails with water. Your head will thank you the next day.

  • Safety in Numbers: Stick together. A buddy system is a must for any night out.

  • Transportation: Plan your ride home in advance. Nobody's driving, ladies – keep each other safe!

  • Eat Up: Make sure to fuel up with some good food before and during the crawl. Pub snacks, anyone?

  • Dress for Comfort and Theme: Whether it's PJs or granny gear, make sure you're comfy and in character.

  • Check-In Regularly: Have a group chat where you can keep tabs on each other throughout the night if you get separated.

Party Bus

For the Ultimate Pub Crawl Experience...

Head over to Game Nights Galore for more tips and ideas on ladies' nights and other amazing game nights/nights out/nights in. We've got the lowdown on everything from pub crawl themes to fun games you can incorporate into your night. Trust me, you don't want to miss their genius ideas for making your night truly epic!

So there you have it, gals. Whether it's in PJs, as a tribute to our future selves, or proving our sobriety can be just as fun, a ladies' night pub crawl is the perfect way to let loose, laugh, and create memories that'll last a lifetime. Let's make it a night to remember!

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