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Naughty or Nice Valentine's Quiz

Valentine's Quiz

Welcome to the "Naughty or Nice Valentine's Quiz"! As Valentine's Day approaches, it's the perfect time to explore a little bit about your romantic personality. Are you the sweet and caring type, or do you have a streak of playful mischief? This quiz is designed to help you find out just how naughty or nice you are when it comes to matters of the heart.

Answer these 14 questions honestly to see where you stand. From flirtatious encounters to daring adventures. Remember, this is all in good fun!

1. You're at a party and someone you find attractive is flirting with you, but you think they're in a relationship. What do you do?

  • A. Politely excuse yourself (1 point)

  • B. Flirt back, but keep it light (2 points)

  • C. Pursue them further (3 points)

2. Your ex, who you still have feelings for, texts you late at night. How do you respond?

  • A. Ignore the message (1 point)

  • B. Respond, but keep the conversation platonic (2 points)

  • C. Suggest meeting up (3 points)

3. Have you ever lied to go on a date with someone you're attracted to?

  • A. Never (1 point)

  • B. Maybe a small white lie (2 points)

  • C. Yes, more than once (3 points)

4. You're single and Valentine's Day is coming up and you find out a colleague has a crush on you. They're not your type at all. How do you handle it?

  • A. Let them down gently, citing no interest in dating colleagues (1 point)

  • B. Flirt back, but only for fun (2 points)

  • C. Let them take me to a schmancy restaurant for Valentine's Day (3 points)

5. You're on a date and realize you're not interested. What's your next move?

  • A. See the date through politely and then let them know (1 point)

  • B. Make an excuse and leave early (2 points)

  • C. Walk out (3 points)

6. Have you ever sent a risqué photo to someone you're dating?

  • A. Never (1 point)

  • B. Once or twice (2 points)

  • C. Regularly (3 points)

7. You're offered a secret, no-strings-attached fling with someone incredibly attractive. Do you accept?

  • A. Absolutely not (1 point)

  • B. Consider it, but decline (2 points)

  • C. Accept the offer (3 points)

8. Your friend's ex, whom you always found attractive, asks you out. What do you do?

  • A. Decline out of loyalty to your friend (1 point)

  • B. Ask your friend for permission (2 points)

  • C. Go out with them (3 points)

9. Have you ever flirted to get something you wanted (like a promotion, discount, etc.)?

  • A. Never (1 point)

  • B. Maybe once or twice, subtly (2 points)

  • C. Yes, it's a useful tactic (3 points)

10. You're at a club and a stranger offers to buy you a drink. How do you react? -

  • A. Politely decline (1 point)

  • B. Accept the drink and chat (2 points)

  • C. Accept the drink and flirt (3 points)

11. Would you ever date two people at the same time if they both agreed to it?

  • A. No, that's not my style (1 point)

  • B. I'd consider it if everyone was okay with it (2 points)

  • C. Yes, why not? (3 points)

12. Have you ever kept a romantic or sexual relationship secret from your friends or family?

  • A. Never (1 point)

  • B. Once, but it was complicated (2 points)

  • C. Yes, more than once (3 points)

13. On a first date, what's your view on a goodnight kiss?

  • A. Not necessary, a hug is fine (1 point)

  • B. If it feels right, sure (2 points)

  • C. Always aim for it (3 points)

14. Your partner suggests trying something new and adventurous in the bedroom. What's your response

  • Hesitant or uncomfortable (1 point)

  • Willing to discuss and consider it (2 points)

  • Excited and enthusiastic (3 points)

Great! Now tally up your points!

14-20 Points

Nice Angel

You're one of the sweet ones!

21-30 Points

Naughty and nice angel

A balanced mix of naughty & nice!

31-42 Points

Naughty angel

You're a naughty little vixen!

Thanks for taking the quiz and having a little fun today! If you want another fun Valentines Quiz...Check out our blog post: Valentine's Vibe: Are You a Selena or a Hailey?

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