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Top Minute To Win It Games To Play With Friends: Unleash The Fun!

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Minute to win it

Hello game enthusiasts! Whether you're hosting a party, organizing a casual get-together, or just looking for a fun way to spice up the weekend, you've landed in the right place. Thanks to our treasure trove over at Game Nights Galore, we've compiled the 20 most exciting, wacky, and easy-to-set-up Minute To Win It games to play with friends. And feel free to explore our site for more fantastic game ideas, tips, and even captivating murder mystery games to electrify any night!

Cookie Face

Face the Cookie:

Equipment: Oreo cookies or similar

Objective: Players must move a cookie from their forehead to their mouth using only facial movements.

Tip: Keep your head tilted back and move with smooth facial motions.

Team Play: First team to finish wins, or play in a relay style where one player must finish before the next player can begin.

Cup Stack

Stack Attack:

Equipment: Plastic cups or empty cans.

Objective: Players must stack up and then down a pyramid of cups within a minute.

Tip: Use a steady surface and practice a bit to gain speed.

Team Play: Each team decides on a stacking strategy and roles in the pyramid construction.

Movin up

Movin' Up:

Equipment: Blue party cups and a red cup

Objective: Starting with the red cup on top, players must move one cup from the top to the bottom and continue until the red cup is back on top.

Tip: Two-hand coordination works best.

Junk in Trunk

Junk in the Trunk:

Equipment: Ping pong balls and tissue boxes

Objective: Fill a tissue box with ping pong balls, tie it around the player’s waist and they have to jump and wiggle to get all the balls out.

Tip: Go wild and shake it!

Chocolate Unicorn

Chocolate Unicorn:

Equipment: Ding Dong or similar snack cakes

Objective: Players must stack 6 Ding Dongs on

their forehead in a minute without any falling.

Tip: Keep a steady hand and start with a firm base.

Puddle Jumper

Puddle Jumper:

Equipment: Ping pong balls and glasses of water

Objective: To move ping pong balls from one glass of water to the final glass of water only by blowing on the ping pong ball. The longer the route, the harder the game. You can add penalties or rewards to certain cups too.

Tip: It’s all in the steady breath!

Suck It Up

Suck It Up:

Equipment: M&Ms, straws, and plates

Objective: Using only a straw, transfer M&Ms from one plate to another.

Tip: Take deep breaths and use a thick straw if possible.

Breakfast Scarmble

Breakfast Scramble:

Equipment: Cereal box puzzles

Objective: Cut a cereal box into pieces and players have to assemble it within a minute. To make this harder, cut the pieces very small or add pieces from other cereal boxes that don't belong to the completed picture.

Tip: Start with edges for easier assembly.

Defy Gravity

Defy Gravity:

Equipment: Balloons

Objective: Keep three balloons afloat using without holding the balloons, allowing them to rest on the body, or hit the ground. For an extra challenge, players from the opposite team can use their breath to move opposing teams balloon or the player has to keep up one color balloon and the "audience" can toss in other colors to try and trip them up.

Tip: Consistent, quick breaths are the key.

Penny Hose

Penny Hose:

Equipment: Pantyhose and pennies

Objective: Players must retrieve 2 pennies from each leg of a pantyhose, only using their hands. Keeping the pantyhose light will make the game more challenging.

Tip: Stretch the hose for better maneuverability.


Dizzy Mummy:

Equipment: Rolls of toilet paper or bubble wrap.

Objective: Players need to wrap themselves using the entire roll without breaking it.

Tip: Slow and steady movements prevent breaks.

This Blows

This Blows:

Equipment: Balloons and cups

Objective: Players must blow up a balloon and use the air to knock off cups from a table.

Tip: Aim well and blow the balloon to its fullest.

Noodling ARound

Noodling Around:

Equipment: Uncooked penne pasta and spaghetti stick

Objective: Using only a spaghetti stick held in the mouth, pick up 6 pieces of penne pasta in a minute.

Tip: Focus on one noodle at a time.

Bite Me

Bite Me:

Equipment: Brown paper bags of various heights

Objective: Players need to pick up bags with their mouths without their knees or hands touching the ground.

Tip: Start with the tallest bag first.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety:

Equipment: M&Ms and cups

Objective: Separate M&Ms by color using only one hand.

Tip: Get a rhythm going for faster sorting.

Tilt a Cup


Equipment: Plastic cups and ping pong balls

Objective: Catch ping pong balls in stacked cups by bouncing them.

Tip: Maintain a steady hand and a keen eye.

Whack Attack

Whack Attack:

Equipment: Cylindrical cans and rubber bands

Objective: Knock off empty cans using rubber bands.

Tip: Aim low for better results.

Wrapping Up These Minute To Win It games are perfect for team fun and laughter. And remember, if you're looking for more engaging games or party inspiration, head on over to for tons of tips and ideas for your next party!

Happy gaming! 🎲🕹️🎉

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