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Valentine's Vibe: Are You a Selena or a Hailey?

Updated: Feb 8

Selena or Hailey

Welcome to "Valentine's Vibe" – the ultimate showdown to discover your romantic alter ego. Are you more of a sweet and thoughtful Selena Gomez or do you lean towards the daring and bold Hailey Bieber? As we approach the season of love, it's the perfect time to dive into a fun and playful exploration of your own love style.

This is just for fun and we're just having some humor with this famous feud.

1. Your ex is now dating someone new and posts a cute photo with them. How do you react?

  • A. Like the photo and wish them well (1 point)

  • B. Ignore it completely (2 points)

  • C. Post a stunning selfie of yourself (3 points)

2. You're at a party and hear a song that reminds you of a past relationship. What do you do?

  • A. Feel a bit nostalgic but stay cheerful (1 point)

  • B. Change the song unless I wrote it! (2 points)

  • C. Use the moment to show off your killer dance moves (3 points)

3. A friend tells you a rumor they heard about your current significant other. Your response?

  • A. Trust your partner and ignore the rumor (1 point)

  • B. Feel a bit uneasy and stalk the gram! (2 points)

  • C. Confront your partner directly (3 points)

4. You see someone flirting with your crush. How do you handle it?

  • A. Let it be; if they're interested, they'll come to you (1 point)

  • B. Feel a bit jealous but stay calm & write lyrics (2 points)

  • C. Flirt back with your crush to get their attention (3 points)

5. You're planning a romantic evening. What's your go-to theme?

  • A. A cozy night in with movies and popcorn (1 point)

  • B. A chic dinner at a trendy restaurant then snuggle with my cat (2 points)

  • C. An adventurous night out on the town (3 points)

6. How do you feel about public displays of affection?

  • A. It's sweet in moderation (1 point)

  • B. Only when it feels right (2 points)

  • C. Love it, the more the better (3 points)

7. You find out your ex is single again. What's your first thought?

  • A. Hope they're okay (1 point)

  • B. Indifferent, you've moved on (2 points)

  • C. Curious if they'll reach out to you (3 points)

8. You see a tabloid story about your relationship. Your reaction?

  • A. Laugh it off, it's all nonsense (1 point)

  • B. A bit annoyed but ignore it (2 points)

  • C. I mean, I may have planted the story so I make a witty remark about it on social media. (3 points)

9. Your significant other's ex is in the same restaurant as you two. What do you do?

  • A. Stay focused on your date, no drama (1 point)

  • B. Feel a bit uncomfortable but pretend not to notice (2 points)

  • C. Make sure you look extra fabulous all evening (3 points)

10. How do you handle a breakup?

  • A. Reflect on the good times and move on gracefully (1 point)

  • B. Shake it off (2 points)

  • C. Dive into a new project or hobby to distract yourself (3 points)

11. What's your ideal Valentine's Day gift?

  • A. Something heartfelt and homemade (1 point)

  • B. A romantic dinner date and a kitten (2 points)

  • C. Something luxurious or extravagant (3 points)

12. You're tagged in a photo where you're not looking your best. What do you do?

  • A. Laugh it off and like the pic (1 point)

  • B. Make a quirky face and let it go (2 points)

  • C. Ask to have it taken down or untag yourself (3 points)

13. How do you react to a partner's social media post about you?

  • A. Feel touched and comment something sweet (1 point)

  • B. Like it and maybe leave a cute emoji (2 points)

  • C. Plan a stylish couple photo for your next post (3 points)

14. What's your approach to love and relationships?

  • A. Open-hearted and hopeful (1 point)

  • B. Cautious but optimistic (2 points)

  • C. Confident and assertive (3 points)

Time to add up your points!!!!!

14-20 Points


14-3 You're totally a Selena!

21-30 Points


Rock on, You're a Taylor!

31-42 Points


You saucy little Hailey!

Thanks for playing! Remember, each one of these women are amazing and deserve praise, support and love, so no trashing! If you are a swifty fan with a Hailey score, be happy. This quiz is just a quiz. Game Nights Galore

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This was my favorite quiz so far! Thank you for letting me share


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