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Dive into a world of underwater discovery and exciting riddles with our Aquarium Scavenger Hunt, designed to guide you through the wonders of aquatic life like never before.




Plunge into our easy-level aquatic adventure, perfect for budding marine enthusiasts to discover and learn about the fascinating underwater world.


Embark on an aquatic journey as you delve deeper into the mysterious world under the sea. Ready for a mid-tier challenge?


Dive into a world of mystery and marvel with this high-tier challenge that's sure to test your knowledge of the deep blue.

  1. Clue 1: What is the star of the sea, who loves to wave at you?

  2. Clue 2: What is the name of the mammal who is known for its tusk and loves the cold?

  3. Clue 3: In the Tropical Waters exhibit, you'll find a creature who moves gracefully with long, flowy appendages. What is it?

  4. Clue 4: Look for the slow-moving creatures with a house on their back in the Touch Pool. What are they?

  5. Clue 5: You might be surprised to find these "flowers of the sea" are actually animals. What are they?

  6. Clue 6: What fish has a built-in "sword" in front of its face?

  7. Clue 7: These playful creatures love to "bark" and balance balls on their noses. What are they?

  8. Clue 8: This is the largest species of shark, which only eats tiny plankton. What is it?

  9. Clue 9: These tiny creatures light up in beautiful colors and are a favorite at any aquarium. What are they?

  10. Clue 10: These penguins don't live in a cold climate but a warmer one. What kind are they?

  1. This creature is known for its eight arms and high intelligence. What is it?

  2. Find the creature whose name means "butterfly of the sea."

  3. In the mangrove exhibit, you'll find a fish that "walks" on the bottom using its fins. What is it?

  4. This bird is known for diving from great heights into the water to catch fish. Can you name it?

  5. They have a parrot-like beak and a colorful body. What are they?

  6. Name the exhibit where you would find the most diverse range of species due to the natural structure they mimic.

  7. Name the only marine mammal that is primarily a herbivore.

  8. Which type of aquarium exhibit mimics a slowly flowing river and usually contains freshwater species?

  9. This nocturnal creature is known for its distinctive ring pattern. What is it?

  10. This crustacean is known for its large claw, which it can regenerate if lost. Can you name it?

  1. Which fish, considered a "living fossil," has not evolved much over millions of years and possesses a unique electroreceptive organ?

  2. This small creature often mistaken for a plant shoots out its threads to capture prey in a split second. What is it?

  3. Name the eel with stunning bright colors that typically lives in crevices and holes on the reef.

  4. Which species of shark, named after a tool, has a uniquely shaped head?

  5. Name the largest species of ray in the world, which is also one of the largest fish species.

  6. What marine creature is named after a celestial body and is known for its ability to regenerate its arms?

  7. What is the term for the type of light emitted by many deep-sea creatures?

  8. This creature, despite its name, isn't a true eel. It's actually a type of fish. Can you name it?

  9. Name the smallest marine mammal that you can find in the aquarium.

  10. This brightly colored fish, often found in the Pacific and Indian oceans, is known for forming symbiotic relationships with anemones. What is it?





  1. Starfish

  2. Walrus

  3. Jellyfish

  4. Turtles

  5. Sea Anemones

  6. Swordfish

  7. Seals

  8. Whale Shark

  9. Seahorses

  10. African Penguins

  1. Octopus

  2. Manta Ray

  3. Mudskipper

  4. Pelican

  5. Parrotfish

  6. Coral Reef Exhibit

  7. Manatee

  8. River Exhibit

  9. Leopard Shark

  10. Fiddler Crab

  1. Coelacanth

  2. Anemone

  3. Ribbon Eel

  4. Hammerhead Shark

  5. Giant Manta Ray

  6. Starfish (or Sea Star)

  7. Bioluminescence

  8. Electric Eel

  9. Sea Otter

  10. Clownfish

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