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Social Media Scavenger Hunt

Want to win a FREE Murder Mystery Game?

Join the Social Media Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to Game Nights Galore's Social Media Scavenger Hunt!

At Game Nights Galore, we're passionate about creating memorable experiences, not just through our games but also through the adventures we offer to our community. In the spirit of mystery and discovery, we're thrilled to introduce our Social Media Scavenger Hunt—an engaging journey through clues, puzzles, and the unique worlds of our murder mystery games.

What Is the Game?

Our Social Media Scavenger Hunt is a digital adventure that takes you across Game Nights Galore’s social media landscape. From Instagram to Twitter, each platform holds a piece of the puzzle. Unravel clues, engage with our content, and get a taste of our murder mystery universe. Complete the hunt to win a free murder mystery game of your choosing from our extensive catalogue of over 50 titles!

How To Play


  1. ​Start by registering for the game: Register below and the first clue will pop up.  (We don't send you spam and we don't give out your information to anyone, ever)

  2. Follow the Clues: Each clue leads you to one of our social media platforms where you'll search for the next piece of the mystery.   You will need access to:  FB, IG, X, Pinterest and YouTube to get all the clues you need to win. 

  3. Each clue will have a letter you are to write down/remember for later in the game. You will need these to win your prize so make sure to write them all down!  

  4. Solve the Mystery: Your last clue will bring you to a locked website page that you can access by unscrambling the letters you collected at each clue. 

Game Rules


  1. Participate in good spirit and enjoy the journey.

  2. Follow each clue carefully to progress through the game.

  3. While engaging with our content (likes, follows, comments) is greatly appreciated, it is not a requirement to win unless it's part of the challenge.  

  4. One prize per participant.

  5. Please share the game, but please don't share the answers.

  6. If you get stuck on a clue, reach out to us for help!

What do you win?


Ready to Start Your Adventure?

Register now for your first clue—it's free and quick! By participating, you're not just embarking on a journey filled with mystery and fun, you're also helping a small business grow. Traffic and engagement are the lifelines of businesses like ours, and through this game, we hope to make the process of getting to know us enjoyable and rewarding. Thank you for your support, and may the best detective win!

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