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Step into the opulent world of Regency-era London, where scandal, romance, and secrets abound. Test your knowledge of the beloved Bridgerton series with questions spanning characters, plot twists, and unforgettable moments from the show.






Q- What is the surname of the family at the center of Bridgerton? 

A- Bridgerton

Q- Who is the eldest Bridgerton sibling? 

A- Anthony

Q- What is the name of the Queen in Bridgerton? 

A- Queen Charlotte

Q- Which Bridgerton sibling has a passion for painting? 

A- Benedict

Q- What color is frequently worn by the Featherington family? 

A- Yellow

Q- Who writes the scandalous gossip column in Bridgerton? 

A- Lady Whistledown

Q- What is the first name of the Duke of Hastings? 

A- Simon

Q- What musical instrument does Daphne Bridgerton play? 

A- Piano

Q- Who is Daphne's best friend? A- Penelope Featherington

Q- In which season does Daphne make her debut in society? 

A- Season One

Q- Which Bridgerton sibling is known for being the most intelligent? 

A- Eloise

Q- What is the title of the first episode of Bridgerton? 

A- "Diamond of the First Water"

Q- Who is the family's matriarch? 

A- Violet Bridgerton

Q- Which Bridgerton sibling is a writer and scholar? 

A- Eloise

Q- Who is the third Bridgerton sibling? 

A- Benedict

Q- What is the name of Simon's closest friend? 

A- Will Mondrich

Q- What is the name of the Featherington family's housemaid? 

A- Marina Thompson

Q- Which character is revealed to be Lady Whistledown in season one? 

A- Penelope Featherington

Q- Who does Simon Basset marry? 

A- Daphne Bridgerton

Q- What event does the Queen host annually? 

A- The Queen's Ball

Q- Who is the youngest Bridgerton sibling? 

A- Hyacinth

Q- What is the name of Anthony Bridgerton's lover at the beginning of the series? 

A- Siena Rosso

Q- Who is Marina Thompson's first love? 

A- George Crane

Q- What title does Anthony Bridgerton hold?

 A- Viscount

Q- What is the name of the boxer who befriends Simon? 

A- Will Mondrich

Q- Who is Lady Danbury? 

A- Simon's godmother

Q- What is the name of Daphne's first suitor who turns out to be undesirable? 

A- Lord Berbrooke

Q- What ailment did Simon struggle with as a child? 

A- A stutter

Q- Who is the artist that paints a portrait of the Bridgerton family? 

A- Henry Granville

Q- What is the name of the Bridgerton estate?

A- Aubrey Hall

Q- What does Penelope Featherington reveal to be a fan of? 

A- Literature

Q- Who is Lady Portia Featherington married to? 

A- Lord Archibald Featherington

Q- Who is the mother of Simon Basset? 

A- Sarah Basset

Q- What did Simon's father want him to be? 

A- A perfect heir

Q- What is the name of the club where men go to socialize and gamble? 

A- White's

Q- Who is Colin Bridgerton's love interest in season one? 

A- Marina Thompson

Q- Who organizes the balls and social events in the series? 

A- Lady Violet Bridgerton

Q- What does Eloise Bridgerton aspire to become? 

A- A writer

Q- Who is the famous modiste who designs dresses for the ton? 

A- Genevieve Delacroix

Q- What fruit is heavily featured in the art and decor of the series? 

A- Pineapple

Q- Who is the actor who plays Simon Basset? 

A- Regé-Jean Page

Q- What is the name of the opera singer Anthony falls in love with? 

A- Siena Rosso

Q- Who eventually inherits the Featherington estate? 

A- Jack Featherington

Q- What pseudonym does Lady Whistledown use for her gossip column? 

A- Whistledown

Q- What is the Duke of Hastings' full title? 

A- Simon Arthur Henry Fitzranulph Basset, Duke of Hastings

Q- Who helps Marina Thompson attempt to terminate her pregnancy? 

A- Lady Featherington

Q- What event does the Duke and Duchess of Hastings host at their country estate? 

A- A ball

Q- What is the real name of the Queen's corgi? 

A- Brimsley

Q- Who discovers Lady Whistledown's true identity? 

A- Eloise Bridgerton

Q- What book series is Bridgerton based on? 

A- The Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn

Q- What ailment causes the death of Lord Featherington? 

A- Poisoning

Q- Which Bridgerton sibling is known for her sharp wit and independence? 

A- Eloise

Q- What is the name of Simon Basset's father? 

A- Lord Hastings

Q- Who composes the modern instrumental covers used in the series? 

A- Kris Bowers

Q- What is the name of Daphne and Simon's first child? 

A- Augie

Q- What is the name of the artist who is also Benedict's lover? 

A- Henry Granville

Q- What does Penelope Featherington's family initially think of Colin Bridgerton? 

A- They see him as a suitable match for her.

Q- Who tutors Simon in the art of boxing? 

A- Will Mondrich

Q- What societal rank does the Bridgerton family hold? 

A- They are a viscountcy.

Q- What is the primary location where the social season takes place? 

A- London

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