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Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF): A Twisted Terror - The Ultimate Game Night!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023


Greetings, dear fans of Fazbear! It's your favorite animatronic bear, Freddy, here. Today, I'm stepping out of my pizzeria's dark corridors to give you some sizzling tips on hosting the most hauntingly memorable game night with our spine-chilling murder mystery: Five Nights at Freddy's: A Twisted Terror.

🎮 1. Set the FNAF Stage 🎮

Let's plunge your guests straight into our eerie world. Dim the lights, add some flickering candlelight, and play those unsettling, distant mechanical sounds to emulate the ambiance of our pizzeria after hours. Red and green string lights can mimic the infamous security room vibes. Oh, and don't forget a flashlight for each guest!

  • Hallway Echoes: Use Bluetooth speakers in various parts of your venue to play distant footsteps or animatronic sounds. Gives that real "they're coming for you" vibe!

  • Security Camera Feed: Set up an old computer or TV screen with a looping video feed of empty hallways or rooms. Occasionally, have an animatronic peek in!

  • Doors and Closets: Designate certain rooms or closets where guests can "shut the doors". But beware, doors use power, and you wouldn't want to run out...

🍕 2. Authentic Fazbear's Pizza 🍕 What would a night at Freddy's be without pizza? Serve your guests a variety of pizzas, reminiscent of the good ol' days at Fazbear's. Throw in some sodas, and for dessert? Cupcakes, inspired by our very own Chica's delightful sidekick!

  • Animatronic Appetizers: Create finger foods inspired by the animatronics, like Foxy's chicken fingers or Bonnie's carrot sticks.

  • Pizza Box Surprises: Inside a few pizza boxes, place a toy animatronic or a special clue, giving guests a surprise when they open the box.

  • Chica's Party World Desserts: Besides the cupcakes, offer animatronic-themed cookies or treats, like 'Freddy Fudge' or 'Bonnie's Berry Pie'.

💌 3. Invitations 💌 The suspense starts right from the invite. Consider sending an old-school pizzeria-themed card that says, "You're invited to survive Five Nights at Freddy's!" or maybe a more cryptic message like, "Do you have what it takes to uncover the truth? Join us if you dare!" Seal it with a wax seal for that added touch.

  • Missing Posters: Add to the suspense with invitations that resemble 'Missing Night Guard' posters from the pizzeria.

  • Golden Tickets: Offer a select few a "Golden Ticket", alluding to a special role or advantage in the game.

  • Fazbear's Stickers: Include fun stickers of the animatronics or pizza slices, giving a playful touch to your invites.

FNAF Freddy

🔎 4. Dress to Impress... or Terrify 🔎 Encourage your guests to come dressed as their favorite animatronics or night guards. Perhaps offer a prize for the best-dressed – maybe a "Golden Freddy Award." Masks, face paint, and hats can help to complete the look!

  • DIY Mask Station: Set up a station where guests can create their own Fazbear-inspired masks.

  • Security Badges: Offer guests 'Night Guard' badges with their names, reinforcing their role in the mystery.

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Elements: Supply guests with glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark paints to add a spooky element to their attire.

🥤 5. Drinks & Elixirs 🥤 Serve "battery juices" for energy (fun energy drinks or sodas). For adults, consider darker drinks like cola or root beer named "Midnight Oil" and lighter ones labeled "Fazbear Fizz."

  • Mangle's Mango Smoothie: A tropical mix to lighten the mood.

  • Bonnie's Blue Raspberry Slush: A chilling drink perfect for suspense-filled evenings.

  • Fazbear's Fire: A hot drink (like spiced cider) for those who want to warm up after a chilling scare.

🎈 6. Balloon Boy's Corner 🎈 Every party needs some lighthearted fun. Set up a corner with balloons (like our pal, Balloon Boy, would) and perhaps a mini-game where guests can "earn" their batteries or flashlights.

  • Balloon Messages: Insert small notes inside balloons. When popped, they can reveal clues, dares, or fun Fazbear facts.

  • Pin the Hook on Foxy: A fun game where blindfolded guests try to pin a hook on a poster of Foxy.

  • Animatronic Karaoke: Allow guests to sing their favorite Fazbear tunes, or perhaps the eerie Toreador March...

🔍 7. Clue Cards 🔍 For added intrigue, distribute clue cards throughout the evening. Hide them in pizza boxes, under drinks, or even inside balloons for guests to pop!

Static-filled Note: Front: A blurry image of an animatronic's eye.

Back: "It saw everything, but its lips remain sealed."

Torn Diary Page: Front: Stains that look eerily like pizza sauce.

Back: "They weren't always this way. The accident changed everything..."

Battery Pack: Front: An image of half-drained batteries.

Back: "Power isn't infinite. Some things (or someone) drained it faster that night."

Broken Camera Lens: Front: A shattered security camera lens.

Back: "Cameras don’t lie, but someone made sure this one didn't tell."

Pizza Slice: Front: A lone slice of pepperoni pizza.

Back: "Last meal of the victim? Or a clue from the perpetrator?"

Ventilation Blueprint: Front: A detailed map of the pizzeria's air vents.

Back: "Not all guests walk through the front door."

Animatronic Maintenance Log: Front: A list of recent animatronic repairs.

Back: "Foxy's systems were tampered with just a day before the incident."

Children's Drawing: Front: A child's drawing of an animatronic holding a knife.

Back: "From imagination or memory?"

Lost & Found Token: Front: A token from the pizzeria's lost & found box.

Back: "Someone lost more than just a hat or a toy that night."

Music Box Fragment:

Front: A piece from a broken music box.

Back: "The tune stopped, but not by choice."

Emergency Exit Plan:

Front: A map showing all the emergency exits in the pizzeria.

Back: "Some paths are dead ends. Choose wisely."

Blackout Report:

Front: A report on previous blackouts at the pizzeria.

Back: "The darkness hides both friend and foe."

Security Guard Shift Roster:

Front: A list of guards on duty for the week.

Back: "Not all guards have made it to the end of their shifts."

Voice Recording:

Front: An old voice recorder with 'Play Me' written on it.

Back: A QR code that, when scanned, plays distorted laughter.

These clue cards can be scattered or given to players at strategic points throughout the game, giving them hints and misdirections as they try to solve the chilling mystery of Phantom Freddy's demise.


📷 8. Photo Booth Setup 📷 Everyone wants to remember their nights (well, the ones they survive, anyway). Set up a photo booth with props like Foxy's hook, Chica's bib, and my iconic microphone. Add a backdrop of the security room or the stage for a fun memory.

  • Haunted Props: Offer props like cobwebs, chains, or faux security cameras for guests to get creative with their photo shoots.

  • Augmented Reality: Use apps that can add animatronic characters to photos, making it seem like Freddy and pals are right there with the guests!

  • Instant Print: If you have an instant camera, provide immediate prints for guests as a fun keepsake.

🏆 9. A Reward for the Best Detective 🏆 After the mystery is solved, reward the most observant guest with a special prize. A Fazbear plushie, a flashlight, or a free "pizza voucher" for their next visit to Freddy's (or your house)!

  • Exclusive Fazbear Merch: Consider T-shirts or mugs as prizes, something that reminds them of their triumphant night.

  • "Night Guard of the Month" Certificate: A fun accolade for the guest who showed exceptional detective skills.

  • VIP Pass: A golden ticket inviting the winner to the next game night, ensuring they don't miss out on future fun.

🎉 10. Parting Gifts: Freddy's Survival Kits 🎉 Send your guests home with a survival kit: A flashlight, a few batteries, a mini pizza slice keychain, and perhaps a little note saying, "Thanks for surviving the night!"

  • Mini Security Handbook: A tiny booklet with humorous tips on how to survive a night at Freddy's.

  • USB Mixtape: A USB drive with some of the iconic tunes or creepy sounds from the game.

  • Personalized Thank You Notes: Handwritten notes from yours truly, thanking guests for surviving the night... this time.

There you have it, dear fans! With these tips, you're all set to host a night of suspense, horror, and a ton of fun. Remember, at Freddy's, it's not just about the scares; it's about the memories you make... if you survive, that is.

Stay spooky and remember: always check those cameras!

Yours terrifyingly, Game Nights Galore 🐻

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