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Host a Festive Party with Christmas Games Around the World!

Embrace the Global Spirit of Christmas with a Festive Game Night Extravaganza!


As the festive season draws near, why not add a twist to your Christmas celebrations? "Christmas Around the World" is not just a party theme; it's a journey through the heartwarming and fun-filled traditions of different cultures. And for all your game night essentials, don't forget to visit Game Nights Galore for a wide selection of supplies and ideas!

Preparing for Your Global Christmas Game Night

Planning and Decor: Kick-off your preparations by selecting countries with unique Christmas traditions. Decorate your space with items like German Christmas markets' ornaments, Italian La Befana figurines, or Filipino Parol lanterns. Send out themed invitations to build excitement!

Games from Around the Globe

Find The Pickle

Germany - Find the Pickle ("Weihnachtsgurke")

  • Setup: A pickle-shaped ornament is hidden within the branches of the Christmas tree.

  • Gameplay: Participants search for the pickle ornament. The first to spot it wins.

  • Prize: The winner could receive a special gift or an extra treat.

La Befana Relay

Italy - La Befana Relay

  • Setup: Teams are formed, each with a broomstick.

  • Gameplay: Participants relay race while 'flying' on the broomstick, mimicking La Befana's journey.

  • Variation: Incorporate obstacles or challenges along the relay path for added fun.

Galette des Rois

France - Galette des Rois

  • Setup: Bake or buy a Galette des Rois, with a small charm hidden inside.

  • Gameplay: Each guest gets a slice of the cake. The one who finds the charm is declared the 'king' or 'queen'.

  • Tradition: The 'royalty' can wear a crown and have special privileges for the day.

Hiding the Shoes

Spain - Hiding of the Shoes

  • Setup: Guests bring a pair of shoes in which gifts or treats can be placed.

  • Gameplay: Small gifts or candies are secretly placed in each pair of shoes.

  • Tradition: This game emulates the Spanish custom where children receive gifts from the Three Kings.

Tio de Nadal

Catalonia - Tió de Nadal

  • Setup: A log (Tió) is dressed up with a face and a blanket.

  • Gameplay: Children (and adults) take turns singing traditional songs and hitting the log with sticks, encouraging it to 'defecate' presents.

  • Outcome: Small gifts or candies hidden under the blanket are revealed as 'produced' by the log.


Iceland - Jolabokaflod

  • Setup: Everyone brings a book wrapped as a gift.

  • Gameplay: Exchange books and spend time reading them together.

  • Tradition: This replicates the Icelandic tradition of gifting books on Christmas Eve.

St Lucia Day Procession

Sweden - St. Lucia Day Procession

  • Setup: Choose someone to dress up as St. Lucia, wearing a white gown and a crown of candles (battery-operated for safety).

  • Gameplay: Lead a procession while singing traditional songs.

  • Tradition: Emulates the Swedish festival of light, celebrating St. Lucia.

Christmas Crackers

United Kingdom - Christmas Crackers

  • Setup: Place Christmas crackers at each table setting.

  • Gameplay: Guests pull the crackers together, revealing the contents inside.

  • Inside the Crackers: Typically, there are small toys, jokes, or riddles.

Parol making

Philippines - Parol Making

  • Setup: Provide materials for making Parol (star-shaped lanterns), like bamboo sticks, colored papers, and lights.

  • Gameplay: Have a contest for the most beautifully crafted Parol.

  • Tradition: Parols symbolize the star of Bethlehem in the Filipino Christmas tradition.


Netherlands - Sinterklaas Game

  • Setup: Similar to a Secret Santa, everyone brings a wrapped gift.

  • Gameplay: Gifts are exchanged anonymously, often accompanied by humorous, personalized poems hinting at the giver.

  • Tradition: Reflects the Dutch celebration of St. Nicholas Day.

Food, Music, and Entertainment

Themed Snacks and Drinks: Serve international Christmas delicacies like German stollen, Spanish hot chocolate, or Filipino bibingka. Don't forget the mulled wine!

Playlist and Performances: Create a global Christmas playlist and, if possible, include traditional dances or songs from different cultures.

Making It Educational and Inclusive

Each game should come with fun facts about the country's Christmas traditions, ensuring the night is as educational as it is entertaining. Remember, the key is respect and inclusivity in celebrating global cultures.

Wrapping Up the Night

End your global Christmas adventure with a reflection on the diverse traditions experienced. You could also include a small gift exchange, embodying the spirit of Christmas giving.

Hosting a "Christmas Around the World" night is a fantastic way to enjoy the festive season while honoring global traditions. For more game ideas and party essentials, remember to check out Game Nights Galore. Let's make this Christmas an unforgettable journey around the world, right from your living room!

Happy Holidays and Happy Gaming! 🌍🎄🎲

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