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Host a St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt!

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for a fun-filled adventure where you'll explore Irish culture, history, and folklore right from your home. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day celebrations, this game will challenge your knowledge and creativity, leading you on a quest for the leprechaun's pot of gold. Whether you're with family or friends, this scavenger hunt is sure to add excitement and laughter to your day.

How to Set Up and Host the Game


  1. Print Clues and Tasks: Prepare and print the 16 clues and tasks. Each clue should have an A/B option, with the correct answer guiding players to the next location and the incorrect answer resulting in a fun task.

  2. Determine the Game Area: Designate areas in your home and outdoors (if possible) where each clue will lead. Make sure each location is safe and accessible to all participants.

  3. Hide the Clues: Place each clue in its corresponding location. If a clue leads to a task, ensure the necessary materials for the task are available at that spot.

  4. Prepare the Final Prize: Create a "pot of gold" filled with treats, small gifts, or gold chocolate coins. Hide it at the final location.

  5. Gather Participants: Inform the players about the game rules, starting point, and what they need to bring (e.g., a smartphone for photos).

Hosting the Game:

  1. Kickoff: Gather all participants at the starting point and explain the game's objective, rules, and how clues work.

  2. Monitor Progress: Be available to guide participants if they have questions or need help with tasks.

  3. Celebrate Each Step: Encourage participants and celebrate their achievements as they progress through the hunt.

  4. Final Prize: Once the final clue is solved, lead the group to discover the "pot of gold" and celebrate the successful end of the hunt.

How to Play the Game


Solve clues based on Irish culture, history, and St. Patrick's Day lore to find the leprechaun's pot of gold.


  1. Start at the Beginning: Begin the hunt at the designated starting point and solve the first clue.

  2. Choose Wisely: Each clue has an A/B option. Discuss and decide on your answer as a group.

  3. Follow or Recover:

  • If your answer is correct, proceed to the next clue's location.

  • If incorrect, complete the designated task to receive a hint for getting back on track.

  1. Document Your Journey: Use a smartphone to take photos as proof of completing tasks (where applicable).

  2. No Skipping: You must solve each clue in order and complete tasks for incorrect answers before moving on.

  3. Reach the End: The game concludes when you find the "pot of gold."


Scavenger Hunt Clues - Progressively harder

Clue #1: Starting Point - Living Room

Question: "What is traditionally worn to avoid getting pinched on St. Patrick's Day?"

A: Red (Incorrect) - Task: Write a limerick about wearing green.

B: Green (Correct) - Go to the Kitchen.


Clue #2: Kitchen

Question: "What Irish dish is famously associated with St. Patrick's Day in America?"

A: Shepherd's Pie (Incorrect) - Task: Draw a sheep on a green paper.

B: Corned Beef and Cabbage (Correct) - Go to the Dining Room.


Clue #3: Dining Room

Question: "What does the shamrock represent in Irish culture?"

A: Luck (Incorrect) - Task: Find and present three different green objects from around the house.

B: The Holy Trinity (Correct) - Go to the Bedroom.


Clue #4: Bedroom

Question: "What city hosts the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world?"

A: Dublin (Incorrect) - Task: Mime a parade march around the room.

B: New York City (Correct) - Go to the Foyer.


Clue #5: Foyer

Question: "The Irish flag features which of these colors?"

A: Red (Incorrect) - Task: Sing the chorus of any U2 song.

B: Orange (Correct) - Go to the Fireplace.


Clue #6: Fireplace

Question: "What is the name of the mythical creatures known for causing mischief in Irish folklore?"

A: Fairies (Incorrect) - Task: Perform a 'mischievous' dance.

B: Leprechauns (Correct) - Go Outdoors.


Clue #7: Outdoors

Question: "What is a traditional Irish instrument?"

A: Guitar (Incorrect) - Task: Airplay an instrument until someone guesses what it is.

B: Bodhrán (Correct) - Go to the Large Window.


Clue #8: Large Window

Question: "Which of these is NOT a symbol of Ireland?"

A: Thistle (Correct) - Go to the Cat Tree/Dog Bed.

B: Harp (Incorrect) - Task: Sketch or craft a simple harp from materials found in the house.


Clue #9: Cat Tree/Dog Bed

Question: "What is the literary term for a traditional Irish song or poem focused on lamentation?"

A: Ballad (Incorrect) - Task: Compose a two-line rhyme about cats.

B: Keening (Correct) - Go to the Outdoor Shed or Garage.


Clue #10: Outdoor Shed or Garage

Question: "In Irish legend, what could wearing clothes inside out protect you from?"

A: Rain (Incorrect) - Task: Fold a piece of clothing in a creative way.

B: Fairy tricks (Correct) - Go to the Water Hose or Outdoor Faucet.


Clue #11: Water Hose or Outdoor Faucet

Question: "Which of these castles is a famous landmark in Ireland?"

A: Windsor Castle (Incorrect) - Task: Build a small castle or fort using anything you can find outdoors.

B: Blarney Castle (Correct) - Go Under a Tree or Bush.


Clue #12: Under a Tree or Bush

Question: "What is the significance of turning the Chicago River green?"

A: Celebrating Earth Day (Incorrect) - Task: Plant a seed or water a plant.

B: St. Patrick's Day celebration (Correct) - Go to the Mailbox or Front Gate.


Clue #13: Mailbox or Front Gate

Question: "Which of these is a traditional Irish blessing?"

A: "May the road rise up to meet you." (Correct) - Go to the Laundry Room or Area.

B: "Live long and prosper." (Incorrect) - Task: Greet everyone you meet with a 'blessing' in an Irish accent.


Clue #14: Laundry Room or Area

Question: "The Book of Kells is famous?"

A: Novel (Incorrect) - Task: Create a bookmark that could belong to an ancient manuscript.

B: Illuminated Manuscript (Correct) - Go to the Bookshelf or Study Area.


Clue #15: Bookshelf or Study Area

Question: "What is the name of the legendary Celtic warrior known for his strength and heroism?"

A: Arthur (Incorrect) - Task: Perform three 'heroic' deeds (e.g., helping someone, solving a riddle, demonstrating strength).

B: Cú Chulainn (Correct) - Go to the Specific Decoration or Themed Area.


Clue #16 (Final Clue): Specific Decoration or Themed Area (e.g., where you've set up a mini 'pot of gold')

Question: "According to legend, what do you get if you catch a leprechaun?"

A: A pot of gold (Correct) - Discover the treasure/prize.

B: Three wishes (Incorrect) - Final Task: Share your 'wish' for the day with the group and make a decorative wish note.


We hope you enjoyed this journey through Irish culture and made some wonderful memories along the way. Whether you found the pot of gold or not, we hope your day was filled with fun, learning, and laughter. Remember, it's not just about the treasure but the adventures shared with friends and family. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Game Nights Galore

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